Saturday, January 13, 2007

These guys are killin' me!

Oh, man. Colts win, but it wasn't pretty. Not a single touchdown, not just for the Colts, but for either team! Thank God for Vinatieri. No one was giving the Colts a chance against the Ravens, but the defense stepped up for the second game in a row and made the difference. And then there's Vinatieri, solely responsible for every single point for the Colts. Give that man a raise. Please. Just keep him on the team!

Another game tonight (a good one, Saints vs. Eagles), then da Bears and Seahawks early tomorrow, and Pats and Chargers in the late game. Holy moley, great games, great teams. I can hardly stand it, and I can hardly stand the tension. Will my Colts make it? Will Ken's Bears make it? AGH!

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