Saturday, January 6, 2007

Whew! On to Round 2

I'll be the first to admit that I was having a bad feeling about the Colts-Chiefs game. I don't like to doubt my teams, but their recent history of poor performances and Notre Dame's tanking in the Sugar Bowl really had me wondering. Good outcome, though, and a good win for the Colts. Joseph Addai continues to amaze me. The second game, Seahawks and Cowboys, was also a blast to watch! Good stuff. (I'm glad the Seahawks won.)

I have a neat new discovery. I was grocery shopping the other day and found a new brew in the beer aisle. This caught my eye:

How could I not buy that one? Then I saw another one called Wingman, an amber ale for Ken, and come to find out, both are brewed in South Bend, at a place called Nine G Brewing Company! How cool! And even better, they have a neat story. Check out their website, because it's worth a look. Oh, and their beers are very tasty. I'd love to see them open up the place for tours, etc. What a fun discovery!

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