Monday, January 15, 2007

One step closer.... Midwest Mayhem!

That's right, both the Colts and the Bears are playing for their division championships next week. This could get crazy. Of course, there are a couple of teams that might have something to say about those games, the Saints and the Patriots. There have sure been some great games in the playoffs so far. I'm getting nervous already about next week's game with the Colts and Patriots. At least they're playing in Indy this time. No excuses about the cold, the snow, etc. They'll be playing in the nice, cozy RCA Dome, and believe can get very loud in there. I just hope the defense that has been playing the past couple of games shows up. They've been inspired!

Oh, Ken informed me that since I put a nice Colts logo up here the other day, I should put up da Bears logo, too. So in the interest of fair play and equal time, here you go, honey!

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buckoclown said...

Equal time maybe, but could you make the logo just a little bit smaller?