Monday, December 18, 2006

A little more Bond stuff

I got an email from my buddy at work, Jim. He'd read my previous entries about "Casino Royale," and had this to say: "Pierce Brosnan was smooth and charismatic, and I liked him as Bond, but I never believed he could kick anyone's ass.  This guy is different.  And I like the less flashy, less superhero bond character."

Good way to put it, Jimi! Just goes to show you that guys are liking this Bond, too. It's not just a bunch of women thinking he's hot, everyone is liking the turn they've taken with the new Bond. I hope they keep it up, and keep the tone a little--or a lot--on the dark side. It makes for a much more intriguing character and movie. (Think of "Batman Begins," my favorite Batman movie of them all. Very dark. Loved it.)

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