Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Argh, snow!

I know it's almost December, but we've been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here in northern Indiana. The past few days it's been up in the sixties, and when you leave work, you don't even need to wear a coat!

Well, happy time is over. We're under a winter storm watch for Thursday night and all day Friday. (I'm off on Friday--yay!--but Ken has to work, so I suggested he take the truck rather than the Mustang.) They're saying we could get up to 8 inches and maybe more. Couldn't we just ease into winter, rather than getting bitchslapped by it? Guess not.

I do enjoy the change of seasons here. The first big snow is always a pretty sight, especially if you're snug and warm at home. And the cold and gloomy winter is what makes the spring and summer so special. Usually it takes me until January or so to start wishing for summer. The fact that I'm already thinking about sitting in the sun on the deck the first nice day of spring, while we haven't even had a significant snowfall yet, is not a good sign. Could be a long winter.

But it'll go fast. They usually do. I should start getting seed catalogs soon, and it's always fun to start planning the garden and start some seeds indoors!

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