Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yes, even more football

I guess it had to happen, but the Colts lost today. To the Cowboys, of all teams, or as Ken's Mom likes to call them, the "Callous Dowboys." I'm not too upset about it. It's a loss, and what matters is what happens in the playoffs a few weeks down the road. Just a bunch of mistakes and turnovers on the part of both teams, and that is what I hate to see: sloppy football. Yuck.

On the upside, a good win for the Irish. The neat thing was that it was the seniors' last home game, and it was fun to watch them enjoy their last time at Notre Dame stadium. What really got to both me and Ken was when the Irish team went over to the Army section and listened while they sang their Alma Mater. That's not a new thing, it started last year when the Irish played Navy, and I'm happy to say we were there, and not just there, but our seats were field level! We were right there when the team came over and stood at attention while the Navy folks sang their Alma Mater. I will never forget it, because the entire stadium, over 80,000, was silent as we paid our respect to the Naval Academy and to all our troops. It still brings a tear to my eye when I think about it.

The neat thing this past Saturday was that after the ND team stood by for the Army Alma Mater, the Army team followed the ND team over to the ND student section and stood at attention while the ND students and players sang their Alma Mater. I sat here and cried like a baby, because I thought that was so cool, and such a sign of respect on both teams' parts. It's always a great thing to play the military academies, because there is such great respect for them and for what they will do after they graduate. What a neat thing to see the Army team giving Notre Dame a nod for tradition and sportsmanship.

Jeez, how am I going to cope when the season is done?! I go through this every year, but I still go through withdrawal.

Oh, and a quick comment on the Ohio State-Michigan game. Lots of hype leading up to it, but I have to say, the game sure lived up to the hype. Don't know how the BCS will play out, but I think it was obvious that OSU and Michigan are the two best teams in the country. Doubtful that they'll play in a bowl for the championship, which is really a shame. The whole BCS thing is bizarre. I'm all for a tournament like in NCAA bastketball. Doesn't that make more sense? I think so. Sure, there's the whole strength-of-schedule thing, but when the rubber hits the road, wouldn't it be fun to have "Cinderella" teams have a shot at a national championship like they do in basketball?

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