Monday, November 27, 2006

Women want him, men want to be him

If I recall, that line was used about James Bond once. I don't know if was from a movie or from a book, but looks like it's still holding true! (Although I believe it was also used in the first Austin Powers movie, as well.)

I asked my friend Jillian at work if her and her husband Neal saw the new Bond movie this weekend (they were planning on it). I said we saw it and loved it, and before I could say anything more, she said, "So is he hot, or what?!" This led to a good hours' worth of discussion on the merits of Daniel Craig as Bond (I don't think we came up with any demerits.) and some good laughs. Jillian said, "It's saying something when they don't show the girl coming out of the water in a skimpy bathing suit, they show him. And not once, but twice!" She said when the first woman in the movie had on the skimpy red dress, she commented jokingly to her husband, "That's just shameless!" When they started showing all the shots of James with his shirt off, Neal said, every time, "That's just shameless!" We were just dying from laughter! One woman I work with wants to go see it with her daughter, but told her, "We'll go without your Dad, okay?" Ha!

Yeah, they played up his "buffness," and who am I to argue with good cinematography?

Just from talking to some of my friends at work, I'd say this is going to be one Bond who is especially popular with the ladies. Like any Bond isn't, but I'm saying especially. I've always liked the Bond movies, from the time I was a little girl. They're just plain fun, and I've seen them all. I love a good action movie, and Bond's looks played a part, but not a huge one, in my love of Bond films. I think this may have changed with the new Bond. For years, men have enjoyed Bond movies not just for the action, but for the bevy of Bond girls. I think this new Bond will usher in a new group of women who enjoy the eye candy that is Daniel Craig's James. However, like I told one of my friends at work, "Regardless of all that, it's just a really fun flick." And it is! In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it again. <grin>


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