Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday night and feeling all right

Is there any better feeling than leaving work on a Friday afternoon and knowing you have the weekend off? Well, yeah, but that's definitely in the Top Ten!

I got an email from Cousin Shane last week, and this part cracked me up:

"on a funny note, i worked my day off on saturday, 8-5.  as i was walking across the parking lot there, i thought "why do my feet feel uneven?"  i looked down, and i had two completely different shoes on!  i was wearing a white new balance tennis shoe on my left foot and a black doc marten loafer type of shoe on my right foot!  how funny is that?  we had some good laughs over that one at work that day!"

I love that! I've done some similar things, but I don't think I've ever worn a black shoe and a white shoe. I think someone was a bit distracted that day...! (Love you, Shane!)

I've talked about the wildlife here at our place. We call it Nutwood Junction, by the way, because in the 1800's and early 1900's, it was a small unincorporated town called Nutwood, and the railroad ran through it. In fact, we own half of the railroad easement. The depot was across the road from our house. Anyhoo, besides the deer, we also have plenty of other critters, like raccoons. They are so destructive, but they're so darn cute, it's hard to get too mad at them. Check out this guy going after a bird feeder:

One day, I was sitting in the dining room looking out onto the deck. A baby raccoon came strolling up and started going after one of the bird feeders. When I opened the door, it startled him so much, he ran over to shimmy down one of the deck poles. Unfortunately for him, he ran to the side instead of the corner, and when he went over the side, there was no pole there! He was hanging by his little front paws, and when I went out there, he looked up at me with that cute little baby raccoon face, his eyes all big and panicky. I just wanted to die! I seriously thought about reaching down to try to get him back on the deck, but they are wild animals, and I knew I couldn't do that. So as we're looking at each other, he loseshis grip, and FALLS! Our deck is a good 10-12 feet high, by the way. I heard a THUMP and I know I let out a "Gasp!" and I ran downstairs to the basement to look out the sliding glass door to see if he was okay. No sign of him, so he must have hit the ground running.

We get plenty of raccoons and squirrels and sometimes possums up on the deck, looking in the window and taunting the cat. They look so dang cute you just want to pick 'em up and squeeze 'em till they squeak, but they are wild, and would just as soon rip out your eyeball with one of their cute little claws.

Future topic: wild turkeys and their razor-sharp beaks! Ha!

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