Thursday, November 16, 2006

The best invention ever

Well, I probably shouldn't say it's the BEST invention ever, because I suppose the wheel and electricity are right up there. But I sure do love my fabulous Bug Vac!

I don't have this exact model, but a couple of months ago, Ken bought one for us. It is an actual vacuum, and there is a disposable cartridge where the bugs are sucked into. Once they check in, they don't check out, heh heh heh. The Bug Vac does have extenders for it, and ours is at about 3 feet. This is very important for someone as vertically challenged as I am. I don't have to get a footstool, and I can still reach bugs on the ceiling! And while I have used it for various bugs (we live in the country, and we get some interesting and nasty critters in the house sometimes), the best thing is that I can use it for spiders.

I'll admit to being an arachnophobe, although I've gotten a little better since we moved to the country. Sometimes you just have to deal with them, no matter how much you dislike them. At least this keeps me at arms' length. I can smush them when I need to, but I cannot stand to have them on me, and thanks to the Bug Vac, I can eliminate them without risk of them jumping on me! Thank you, Bug Vac!

But to give spiders their due, I don't completely hate them. They are very beneficial, and eat lots of other, nastier bugs, and they are an important part of our little biosphere here at Nutwood. Again, I just don't want them on me.

I heard a story a while back that said that people swallow an average of 8 or so spiders in their lifetimes. (Have you ever been sitting somewhere and seen a spider descending from the ceiling? Now think of yourself snoozing contentedly, lying on your back, your mouth hanging open. <shudder>) Isn't that one of the most disgusting things you've ever heard? Yuck!

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