Friday, November 3, 2006

New book

My sister and her husband sent me the new Stephen King book for my birthday. Yay! It's called Lisey's Story, and while it took me a few pages to get into it, I think it's pretty much grabbed me now. I'm not giving anything away, because I'm only a few pages into it, but it's about the widow of a famous author. SK dedicated it to his wife. Interesting, because he came awfully close to dying in that hit-and-run accident, and I'm sure he thought about how his wife would deal with his death.

Call him a hack if you will (plenty have), but he writes a mean yarn. I loved the Gunslinger books, and hated to see them come to an end. Oh, and I laughed when a few years ago he said he was retiring. I could be wrong, but I get the impression that writing is as necessary as breathing to the guy.

Oh, and I finished the latest Repairman Jack book, Harbingers. Repairman Jack totally rocks. (Hint: he doesn't repair appliances. He fixes other things.) I recommend them highly. F. Paul Wilson is the author.

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