Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Good news, a good show, and a great interview

The good news? I had a doctor's appointment this morning, just my usual yearly checkup and exam. High blood pressure runs in my family, and last year, it was something like 150/90. This year? 110/70. Woohoooo! I rock! And why the big difference? Because I quit smoking. Of course, I feel better, but to see such a huge drop in an actual number was amazing to me. My doctor was pretty happy, too--in fact, she said, "I am so happy with you!" It's got to be frustrating for doctors to tell their patients what they should do, and the patients pay no attention whatsoever. (We've all known people like that.) I'm sure it made HER feel better. Oh, she also asked how much caffeine I have a day, and I said I stopped that, too. She actually shook my hand when I left. I love my doc!

The good show part of this post is a new show: "The Big Bang Theory." I don't know if it will make it or not, but it's tops on my list of new shows right now. It totally cracks me up. The premise is that these two geeky guys are roommates (they have two geeky friends, too), and a hot girl moves into the apartment across from them. The hilarity ensues. Last night, the four geeky guys were having a Superman marathon and invited the girl to come over. Before she could accept, they got into a heated discussion about the physics of the movie, with one guy (probably the geekiest one) saying that if Superman actually caught Lois Lane in her free fall, a few feet from earth, she would be cut into thirds by his arms. I don't know why it struck me so funny, but it sure did. Perhaps I can relate a little too much (to the geeks, not the hot girl).

Finally, the great interview is Paris Hilton's recent appearance on Letterman. I've written about her before. (I think my friend Dan might have called his sculpture "Wishful Thinking" instead...but that's just my opinion.) The clip is a good 8 minutes long, but it's worth watching--Ken and I were laughing so hard! It's priceless. I think I'll watch it again after I put it up here, because it's so funny.

You know, just her whole attitude makes me want to smack her silly. She came out with that smug, arrogant look on her face, and I think Dave kind of wiped that look clean off. Except when she gave that precious little pout because he was making her sad. UGH, she's just plain GROSS. She is the product of what happens when we don't hold people accountable for their behavior. You broke the law, you skank, and the only regret you truly expressed was that you got caught. By the way, whatever happened to her jailhouse religious conversion? Didn't she say that she'd been praying, and that God was now going to be part of her life? I think Dave had a truly legitimate point when he told her that she has an opportunity to make a difference for people, especially kids, who need to know that if they're going to drink they need to have a designated driver. She didn't have much to say to that, did she? I loved how she started swinging her leg like crazy--ooo, she was pissed off. 

I've never been so proud to have David Letterman come from my state, or to be a fellow alum of our alma mater, Ball State. Dave, you're the best.


Ah, what a productive day! Got my appointment taken care of, got groceries, called my Mom and Dad, emailed my buddy Jay, got the fresh salsa made, did a load of laundry...excellent! At the grocery store, boneless/skinless chicken breasts were on sale in the family-size package, so I stocked up (a tip from me--if you have the room in the freezer, buy stuff like that on sale and freeze it), so I got all those separated and put into freezer bags. When I went downstairs to put it in the freezer, I had to put all the bags on a tray. I had a tray o' meat!

For dinner tonight, I'm going to do Asian Peanut Chicken, rice, and egg rolls. I was going to steam some broccoli, too, but if I do egg rolls, I don't think we need the broccoli. (I'm not making the egg rolls from scratch. The frozen ones will be good enough tonight. My sister Sue makes egg rolls from scratch, and they're delicious.) As for the rice, while I often use Minute Rice just for the convenience, tonight I'm making REAL rice. It really is so much better, especially with Asian food.

I'm watching the news. Looks like Britney Spears lost custody of her kids. Gosh, what's up with that?! What has happened in our country when a hard-partyin', head-shavin', crotch-showin' gal can't keep her kids? I think Paris needs to take Britney under her wing and teach her how to behave.

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