Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Small but mighty

No, not me. This guy:

That's Bob Sanders, safety for the Colts. They beat the Jaguars last night, and Bob had a couple of interceptions. He's a lot of fun to watch, because he's all of 5'8", 206 lbs, but he's FAST--like a marsupial! He's also gotta be one of the coolest guys on the planet--he's got the whole braid thing goin' on, the bicep tats, and the laidback cool. But his name is plain ol' Bob. That's cool in itself! (His given name is Demond or something like that.) He's also the guy who sparked the Colts defense last year going into the playoffs when he came off the injured list. The defense is playing at an even higher level this year. Good job, Colts, in getting this guy.

Speaking of cool guys, today is my awesome hubby's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Oo, that reminds me, gotta wrap his present....


Have I mentioned that I love Dr. Will? (See his site for the full version of this.)

"Watching the exciting American League Championship series won by the Boston Red Sox, there were several occasions when the managers decided to change pitchers. As the cameras focused on the huddle surrounding the outgoing pitcher while they all waited for the new man to come into the game, what I noticed was the amount of time every single player turned around and spit! In some cases they spewed every couple of seconds!

Why is that so many men, especially athletes, feel the need to expectorate in public on lawns, sidewalks, streets and parks?

Certainly some athletes are able to control this impulse. For example, I don’t remember ever seeing a basketball player hawk a lewie onto the court. I don’t think hockey players spit much, because of the danger of fouling the ice surface. Football players probably don’t spit a lot because of the risk of blow back into their own face mask.

The pointhere is that, in my judgment, spitting in public is a disgusting habit that we have tolerated far too long. We’ve spent too much time looking the other way and ignoring this grotesque anti-social habit. I don’t want to be exposed to your internal body fluids. With new strains of germs and super bugs out there, we can ill afford to have the infected saliva of millions of uncouth slobs strewn about the streets and sidewalks of America.

I say we pass a law that demands that men keep their liquids inside where they belong! If you continue to offend we can make you wear the spit mask that the police sometimes use. Until then, if you must expel some saliva, for the love of God use the restroom! "

Dr. Will, you are so right! I am honestly not a girly-girl, and my sense of humor can actually be fairly gross. A lot of the jokes that guys tell don't faze me. I like guys. But one thing I've never understood is their compulsion to spit. Sometimes when I'm walking into work from the parking lot, I see a loogie on the pavement, and THAT bugs me, because I really don't want to step in something like that. Dr. Will has an excellent point about exposure to disease and bacteria, and I think it's time we put a stop to this. Not only is it unhealthy, it's just plain gross.

I got a kick out of his comment about how football players don't spit because of the risk of blow back into their facemask. Ha!

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