Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's someone's birthdaaaaaay....

It's official. My little Nutwood Junction blog is one year old! They grow up so fast! <sniff> All I can think about right now is Stimpy singing, "Mem' the corners of my mind...." Interesting that I don't think of Barbra Streisand singing it, I think of Stimpy the Cat. (I like his version better.) Here's my very first entry. Blog virgin no longer! That cherry's been popped. I have to say that I really have fun doing this. It's no big deal to anyone but me, but it really should be, because before this, I used to vent to friends and family in sometimes lengthy emails. Now I can foist it all upon the world at large, for whoever happens to stumble by! O happy day!

All friends and family in southern California are accounted for, and all are safe. My niece and her family had to evacuate their condo, but they are safe and sound, and hope to return home soon. I know it's not connected to the Santa Ana winds, but it's extremely windy here today. Quite nippy, but it also blew most of the leaves off of the back deck. Thank you, Mother Nature! Now I only need to get 'em off of the front deck.

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