Wednesday, October 17, 2007

That time of year

The temperatures may still be mild (it's supposed to get up to 80° tomorrow!), but I start getting so draggy around this time. I think it must be a function of the amount of daylight. Cousin Shane and I both feel we have a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder. (My solution? Just recognize it, go with it, and know that you'll perk up in the spring. No need for a pill!) I'm glad it doesn't make me feel depressed or anything, it just makes me feel a lack of energy. Right now I feel sort of brain dead. I finally managed to make a decision to have fish for dinner tonight. Yay for me! I'm off tomorrow, so that will give me a chance feel more rested.

I wrote about Repairman Jack some time ago, but I'm a little too lazy right now to find that entry. I bring up Jack because I just started the new Repairman Jack novel, Bloodline. F. Paul Wilson is a fine writer, and I'm not very far into it, but it's already sucked me in. Jack is just such a neat character--he "fixes" things, but he only takes cases that are to help decent people. He never fixes situations for bad guys. He's mostly just a regular guy, but you really don't want to piss him off. He finds a way to hurt you, and it's usually rather inventive. He's also managed to get drawn into some rather supernatural situations, and sometimes bad things happen to Jack and to those he loves. This has to be my favorite ongoing character. Check out Repairman Jack!

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