Monday, October 1, 2007

A not-so-lovely Nutwoody day

It's not awful, just very gloomy and drizzly. Now I'm hearing that tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice--and it's my day off! Later in the week, it's supposed to get close to 90°. What the heck?! It's October. Oh, wacky Indiana, you so crazy....

I saw five turkeys earlier, and a woodpecker just tried to ram the sliding glass door. Luckily, the screen cushioned his impact. It always startles me, though, when a bird hits the window, and I usually say something like "Oh! Are you okay?" like they're going to answer me. I especially hate it when they wallop themselves a good one, and sit there stunned for a few minutes. You can tell they're trying to shake it off, but they're pretty stunned. It just breaks my heart, and I always want to try to fix them. I end up just standing guard over them until they come out of it and can fly away. Poor little critters.

I was checking out the Star Trek website yesterday, and was very excited to read that the latest movie project is being cast. If you haven't heard (you heathen), it's going to be about the original crew and their time at Starfleet Academy. Cooooool. So far, they've cast Spock, Chekhov, Uhura, and the rumor is that they've cast Kirk. I've never heard of these young actors, although my buddy Greg watches "Heroes," and the guy playing Spock is on that show. Greg said he thought it was a good choice. The tentative release date is Christmas Day 2008. Ken said, "We're there!" I said, "It'll be the most specialest Christmas EVER!" Have I mentioned that we're geeks?

Hey, it's going to be an excellent movie year for us next year: a new Star Trek movie (one about the original cast) AND a new Bond movie. We rarely go to see movies at the theater anymore (we like our big TV and sound system a lot), but there are a couple that we go to the theater for, and Bond and Star Trek are the main two. And it's always a treat to have movie popcorn--is that the best, or what? Ken doesn't like the faux butter on his, but I load it up. I will pass along a trick I learned from Tom Griswold, of the Bob & Tom Show. This is brilliant. When you're putting the butter on your popcorn, grab a straw, put it down into your bucket, and let the butter flow down into the bottom ofthe bucket. That way you get butter on more of your popcorn, not just the top. I usually put some salt into a napkin and fold it up, too. Oh, it's so bad for you, but it's soooo good. Good thing we rarely go!

Dang, I'm hungry for movie popcorn now.

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