Sunday, November 11, 2007

A chili day

A very low-key day today, and it felt good to stay inside. It seemed like the perfect day to make a pot o' chili, so it's cooking right now. We're also trying to clean out the freezer in the basement, because we've got a side of beef hanging, and Ken will pick it up next weekend. He gets it from a guy he works with, and it's all natural, with no hormones or anything like that. Two years ago, we got a side and split it with my Mom and Dad. Last year, we got a quarter. Because it's additive-free, it's so good and so tender--it melts in your mouth like butter. Mom and Dad agree that it's some of the best beef they've had. We went through the roasts and steaks fairly quickly, and now we're eating the rest of the hamburger.

I know they talk about limiting your intake of red meat, but I also think it makes a difference as to how it was raised. A while back, when we were in California, we went to dinner with Kim and Steve at a place called McClintock's. (I can't remember who treated who, but I think they treated us.) The beef is grass-fed, and I definitely noticed a difference. I don't know if this beef is quite that good, but it's pretty tasty.


dlind04 said...

Hey Beth--
This is Debbie and Danny from the cruise!
We were reading what you wrote and wondering where your timeshare is in NSB????????
We have went there for over 30 years (man that makes us feel old)
We usually exchange a timeshare to there and have stayed at the Islander -many times (LOVE IT) and Coconut Palms and Win-San.....
Been to the Breaker's too and LOVE their Onion Rings....

luvrte66 said...

Debbie and Danny! What a great surprise! How is retirement treating you? (You poor things!) I can't believe we never talked about this with you guys on the cruise, but our timeshare is at Coconut Palms! We go every year. I can't believe you guys have stayed there, too! (And oh yum, the Breakers burgers and onion rings...!) We'll be going in June this year--drop me a line at and let us know next time you're going. Maybe we'll get a chance to meet up! Thanks so much for reading, and for leaving a comment. It was great to hear from you!