Saturday, November 24, 2007

Football and Christmas cards

We're watching the ND/Stanford game, and as Ken just said, "What a sucky game." It really is awful. I'm pleased with Tom Zbikowski's game--I think he can make it as a pro--but all in all, it's just ugly. However, we're all hopeful about next year. better next year, Irish, okay? Please? We'll be watching the Kansas/Missouri game at 8 o'clock. We've already talked about college football withdrawal in a couple of months. We will make it through. Somehow, someway.

While watching the game, I got started on our Christmas cards. I got all the return labels on the envelopes, as well as greetings written in about half of the cards. This might not seem like a big deal, but we usually send out about a hundred cards--have I mentioned that I have a huge family? We went to the post office today to send packages to the kids. While at the PO, I picked up some address labels, so I'll print them out this year instead of addressing all those envelopes by hand. I really do like writing out the envelopes, but my hand just doesn't want to cooperate anymore. Years of pipetting in the lab have taken their toll.

Oh, shame on you, Jim Harbaugh. Your QB, Pritchard, had a concussion, but you put him in anyway. Shame, shame...

Irish win--again, no big deal, but I want to look forward to next season. I'm hopeful.

By the way, Cousin Shane suggests "Blogopolis." I think I like that most of all! Another possibility is Blogtropolis.

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