Friday, November 23, 2007

"A marshmallow world"

If you don't know that song, immediately buy "Christmas with the Rat Pack." Seriously. Go to Amazon and order it now! Well, okay, when you get around to it, but it's my favorite Christmas CD. I thought of that line this morning, because when I looked outside, the snow had piled up on all the trees and was so pretty! I'm glad I didn't have to work today, so I didn't have to drive in it, but the first snow is always kind of fun to see, and this one was a beauty. It's that thick wet snow that clings to everything. The sun is out, and things will probably start melting soon, but I got some good pictures early.

Finally, here's one of Sheeba. I call it "A Cat and his Penguin."


It's been a nice, quiet indoor day. We thought about going up to the casino for a little blackjack and dinner, but I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, and Ken was able to do a little AEP work and work on our budget while I fiddled around on the computer. I got Christmas music loaded onto the MP3 player (No, I don't start listening to it this early, but it's ready to go for playing at work in a couple of weeks. Pam, I seriously do not want to hear the Chipmunks' Christmas album!), I got file sharing up and running with the desktop in the basement, and I got printer sharing going so that we can print from upstairs. I got my insurance enrollment at work taken care of, got a letter written to Ken's mom and stepdad, and just got some general puttering done. It's great to have some extra time to do all those things that tend to get pushed aside for another day.

By the way, Black Friday shopping was never even a consideration. I don't think I've ever gone shopping on this day, and I never will. Most of my shopping takes place long before this, and most of it is done online. For me, shopping at the mall is the equivalent of waterboarding.



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