Thursday, November 8, 2007

A quiet day

Actually, it was a fairly busy day at work, but there was no drama, and it went by fairly quickly. I mentioned yesterday that a bunch of us got our flu shots. We were all still achy and feeling a little puny. Cousin Erica (who works in the lab where I work) really felt bad today. We were all talking, and turns out most of us felt a little tired last night and we all went to bed fairly early! Not really surprising...I always feel a bit tired and weird after a flu shot. It's an inactivated virus, so you get a little dose of it, and that's how you build up the antibodies to it.

Today's is Ken's mom's birthday, so we had a nice chat with her tonight. Her husband is going through some health issues, but everything looks promising. Ken and I were talking tonight, and we want to get down to Missouri to see them soon, hopefully early next year.

I just got a phone call from a place in Florida that buys timeshares. It seems like for the past couple of years, we've been getting a lot of phone calls from places that want to buy us out. We never really thought about it, but when Stan was here the other night, he said that property values in New Smyrna Beach have gone through the roof. No wonder we've been getting all the phone calls. Tonight the guy asked, "Do you use your timeshare?" I said, "Yes, we do, every year, and we don't want to sell it." He said, "Oh. Thank you!" New Smyrna Beach is special, because they limit the size of new places--last I knew, any new construction on the beach could be no more than 6 stories, so that the ocean view was not obscured. One year we got the unit on the end of the building, on the ground floor, that opens directly onto the beach--it's one of two such units. We keep hoping to get that one again, but no luck so far. That's okay, we have quite a few years to get it again!

Hmm, guess I'm thinking about beaches and warm weather. Something to keep in mind as winter sets in! Beach....mmmm....good.


aubsy4269 said...

Sometimes the drama free days are the best.  Someone today asked me if there were any "updates".  I told her there were none.  My life has suddenly become drama free.  AHHH sigh of relief.  Anyway even drama free your blog is always great to read.  I think it would so nice to have a blog where people find you interesting and intelligent enough that they comment on what you have to say.

luvrte66 said...

Thanks, Aubs! Let's raise a toast one of these nights to a drama-free life. Hang tough--I know you can do it!