Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fightin' Illini

Yeah, ND lost. Not a surprise, but they did show some signs of life.

But what's really fun is that Ken's alma mater, U of Illinois, just beat the number one team in the country, the number one DEFENSE in the country, Ohio State. That's right, Fightin' Illini beat the Buckeyes. What a great game, and we're celebrating here at Nutwood! Great game, and very exciting!


Getting ready for dinner--pork chops, my Mom's homemade apple sauce, and roasted asparagus--and watching AMC. Right now, it's the last hour or so of "Psycho," one of my all-time favorites. Arbogast just got it. Anthony Perkins is just so perfect as Norman. At 8 PM, it's "Cool Hand Luke." We saw the previews last night, and we realized that neither of us had seen the movie all the way through. Time for us to see the whole thing.

"What we got a failure to communicate."

Even later

Did I mention that University of Illinois is Ken's alma mater? Just watched the local news, and the big story was Illinois knocking off the #1 team--at their house, no less. The local paper has been lackadaisical in their Big Ten coverage when it comes to Illinois. Perhaps this will make them take notice.

"Cool Hand Luke" was definitely cool. Paul Newman in his prime? Wow. And Strother Martin and his classic lines (like the one above about a failure to communicate) are unforgettable. "You'll spend the night in...the box."


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