Monday, April 16, 2007

Growing things

Ahhh, I just love planting seeds and seeing them pop up! My seedlings are doing quite well, and I hope to transplant them to larger pots in a few days. Almost everything I planted is up, and I just opened up the little greenhouse so it doesn't get too moist in there. Here's a picture of my greenhouse (one of my favorite presents ever from Ken!):

I think the growlights are pretty!

Despite the cold weather, it seems to have stayed warm enough with the lights so the seedlings didn't freeze to death. Even the peppers are starting to come up, and they usually like it fairly warm. After a transplant to a larger pot and a couple of weeks in those, then a couple of weeks of hardening off (where you put them outside for longer periods so they get used to the outside), they should be good to go. We got the garden ready yesterday: a general tidying, pulling the existent weeds and putting down pre-emergent for future weeds, tilling one of the old beds (it had a lot of grass that grew in it last year), and tilling a new bed for melons. I'm ready to plant, but the weather isn't cooperating! Still a little chilly for most things. Actually, I'll probably plant lettuce and radishes soon, after the pre-emergent has a chance to work.

Gee, you'd think I was ready to start gardening or something. Pardon the rambling, it's just that I find this a great time of year--warm enough that you can work outside, but the mosquitoes haven't attacked yet! I really like it in the summer, too, because you can work up a good sweat, but I have to practically give myself a Deet dip. I can be outside for 10 seconds and manage to get a mosquito bite. If I miss a spot--like an earlobe or an eyelid--they'll usually get me there. I didn't use to worry about it too much--just a nuisance--but we have to be a little more careful these days with West Nile.

My warmest thoughts and many prayers for everyone affiliated with Virginia Tech.

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