Monday, April 23, 2007


I wrote about buying some reusable cotton grocery bags. I stopped at our local grocery store tonight and took in my bags, and come to find out, they give you three cents credit for using your own bags! When I got home, I figured out the savings: at three cents a bag, figure on five bags per week, that's almost eight dollars per year! Woohooo! We're heading to Vegas, baby!

Of course, that's not the main reason for doing it. I honestly feel good about a few less plastic grocery bags in the world. Ken and I were talking last night about how we need to start binding our cardboard for recycling. We're currently getting rid of it by burning, and that's not good. We do use the larger pieces to put down on the garden beds in the fall, to help with weed control. But then in the spring, we pull it off and burn it. So yeah, we know that's something we need to start doing better with. Something to work on this summer!

I hope I didn't come across as angry with my political comments last night. I truly wasn't angry, just kind of puzzled (and a little dismayed) that my intelligent friend would make such a comment. (Are you feeling guilty yet, Bonesaw? Ha!) But really, this is the kind of stuff we need to get beyond. People like Ann Coulter don't help the situation any, and I can certainly say that she does NOT speak for me. But liberals have their share of A-holes, too, so no one should be getting all we're-better-than-you about it. It's such a charged topic, and I think the next presidential election is going to really raise the bar as far as debates and engagement go. That's a good thing--the more people involved and voting, the better.

I think that's all I'll say about that for now. I'm sure there will be more to come....

I should write a little bit about "The Sopranos," though. Third of eight episodes last night. Not quite as exciting as we'd figured on, but I sense that there are many things brewing underneath. I suspect the last four or so episodes are going to be unbelievably kickass. If I were to make some wild predictions, I'd say that A.J. will kill Junior, Tony will kill Christopher (but not Paulie, although it looked like he was thinking about it last night), Phil will try to kill Tony, Carmela will intervene and then SHE'LL kill Tony for his many infidelities and because she found out Tony had Adriana whacked but she'll make it look like Phil killed Tony....

<deep breath> WHEW! Love love love this show. Of course, all the above is sheer speculation on my part. I'm mostly just making it up. There will also have to be some kind of resolution to Tony's therapy with Dr. Melfi, and what will happen with Silvio and the Badabing? Also, Ken thinks that the chick Tony slept with is an undercover FBI agent--she certainly did seem to be asking him a lot of questions about his relationship with Paulie, etc. Hmm. We agree that it looks like Tony might be going down, but we also agree that we don't see him spending years in prison. The only thing I know for sure is that they're going to surprise us with several things. I hate it that it's close to being over.

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