Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A new arrival

No, it's not a new tree or a new flower, although we have some of both. This time, it's a real live human baby! My niece and her husband in San Diego just had this little guy, Liam:

Man, is he cute, or what? I'm not usually a baby person, but I really do think he's a doll. His grandpa, my brother-in-law, is just beside himself, talking about how there's a new player in the Cubs lineup, etc. It cracks me up, and I'm so happy for everyone. I predict it won't be long before we see Liam in a little tiny Cubs outfit.

On a weirder note, I see the big controversy tonight is about "American Idol." Well, of course it is. We do watch it, but sometimes I wonder about our collective fascination with the show. I'm sure there are many things to be written about the phenomenon (which isn't just an American thing), but I won't do that here, because it's entertainment, folks, not one of the burning issues of the century. Anyhoo, some are saying that Simon rolled his eyes when one of the contestants was making a comment about the Virginia Tech shooting. I watched the show and didn't see anything like that, but apparently he did roll his eyes, and some people thought he was doing it about the tragedy.

Honestly, why would anyone think that? Personally, I like the guy, because I appreciate his honesty, and I have to admire anyone who takes a simple idea and turns it into billions of dollars. Brilliant! I don't think he's the monster so many seem to think he is, and I certainly don't think he would make light of such a tragedy. He had to speak up and explain that he was reacting to something he and Paula were talking about, and that it was not about the tragedy. Besides, at the end of the show, he did make a very nice comment about how they're all concerned about it. So get off the guy's back, for Pete's sake.

While I'm talking about it, I will say a little more about the whole Idol thing. It really is one of the most amazing things I've seen in many years of television watching. It's got some legs, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down much. So many people from all walks of life watch it, and believe me, it's a frequent topic of discussion at work. I was amazed when I saw a story on the "NBC Nightly News" about the Sanjaya issue. Even Brian Williams had to admit that it's pretty amazing that Fox gets free publicity about the show on other networks. When was the last time a TV show made the national news? Oh yeah...just the other night when they were talking about the end of "The Sopranos." Never mind.

I will definitely be writing about "The Sopranos" soon, though. I love the whole contrast in this family--normal family problems vs. normal Family problems. Very cool. Someone's gonna get whacked this week, I just know it. I don't think they'll off Christopher this soon, but I think his days are numbered. Will Tony beat him to death like he did Ralphie? Oooo, I can hardly wait to find out!

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