Sunday, April 1, 2007

A little break

I got a nice treat today. Work was really slow--I was done around 9 AM--and after helping others and making sure they were okay, I asked if anyone would mind if I cut out early. No one did, so I took a couple of hours of vacation time and off I went! It was getting pretty nice outside, up to about 70° and fairly sunny, but now it's starting to cloud up and look nasty, and the wind is really strong. However, I managed to get a thing or two done in the yard, like getting some of the old growth trimmed back on the rose in the front and the butterfly bushes in the back.

This seems to happen way too often these days, but I managed to hurt myself. We have these little windmills that are supposed to create vibrations in the ground to ward off moles. I was trimming by one of them, and I could've sworn I was far enough away from it, but I raised up and the blade got me in the shoulder. Did I mention how windy it is today? Thank goodness I had a sweatshirt on, because as it is, I have an ugly welt. If I'd had a T-shirt or tank top on, it probably would have cut me pretty good. I don't know what it is about me. If I can run into it, stub my toe on it, get hit by it, or trip over it, I will. My clown name is Klutzo.

I put out one of the hummingbird feeders the other day (we have two, one in front and one in back, to try to keep the fighting to a minimum--for such tiny little things, they're quite fierce and territorial), but no sign of the hummers yet. Last year, I believe we had our first sighting around April 4th, so they should be here any time. I took this picture a few years ago. You don't often see hummingbirds perch, but this little guy seemed quite happy in a gentle summer rain, and very content to just sit and guard "his" feeder. They're the cutest little things, and I can't wait to see them again this year!

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