Tuesday, August 21, 2007

American Owned and Operated?

In the same Time issue as the Billy Graham article, there was an article about a sort of backlash against non-American owned motels. That's really a shame, because many of these fine motor hotel establishments have been lovingly restored and maintained, and not always by Americans. As an example, I give you the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, California:

It's a Route 66 icon, and for many years was going the way of many a motel on the famous highway: short term housing for prostitutes and other shady characters. A family from India bought it and has restored it to all its glory, and one day, I look forward to sleeping in a teepee!

The important thing is that these places are preserved, not who does it. I'm quite happy to see another famous Route 66 motel stay in business in a GOOD way, and I don't care who is running it.

On to another topic. My buddy Greg was telling me today about what he was planning on making for dinner tonight: a spicy meatloaf, using things that he'd thought of himself, along with things from an Emeril recipe he found online. Chorizo, adobo sauce, a poblano pepper...yum! I was impressed. Greg is (I think) 27, and it's especially impressive for a guy that age to be able to cook. I think it was on my second date with Ken that he made me Easter dinner. He cooked a ham, peas, and mashed potatoes. Dessert was a coconut thing that he made from his Grandma's recipe. He also served a 20 year old bottle of wine. It was all delicious, and I think that was it for me. Listen up, ladies--any guy that is willing to cook for you is someone special. If it's actually good food, that's even better. They say that the way to a man's heart is his stomach, and I'm sure that's partly true, but it works both ways. Guys, if you really want to impress a woman, make her a nice dinner. It shows that you aren't lame and needy, and that you can take care of yourself, which sends a subtle message that you can take care of her, too. Not that we'd ever admit to wanting that, but it's still nice to know.

And for dinner, scrambled eggs and toast are yummy, but they don't count.


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