Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A most excellent day

Ahhh, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself today!

I ran errands in the morning, and on the way home, I had the windows down, it was a hot and sunny day, I was driving a cool car, and I was singing along to "Superfly." I thought to myself, "Life is good." I was pondering things a little as I was driving, and I feel that no matter what life throws our way, Ken and I are a great team, and we'll be just fine. I'm very happy.

I got all DEET'ed up, and went out to the garden, where I was pleased to discover that I had plenty o' beans! Definitely enough for a mess for us tomorrow evening. Which will go perfectly with the BLT's I'm planning on fixing. I did okay this time with bug spray application, because not one single mosquito bite! Wahoooo! Oh, and I asked the rhetorical question the other day about whether mosquitoes have ANY redeeming qualities. I thought of one: they are food for bats and birds. We love our bats and birds here, and if the mosquitoes mean more food for them, then okay. I just wish they'd leave me alone.

It was SO hot and humid, and I had DEET all over me, and I can't remember the last time a shower felt so good! Then we got a nice rain, and it cooled things off a bit, and then the sun came out again. I talked to my folks, I got lots of stuff done, and the hummingbirds have been hanging around all day. Great day! Sometimes it's the little things. Oh, and I love this little guy--isn't he cute? They make such a pleasing sound on  summer nights (and they eat mosquitoes):


I am absurdly pleased with myself. A while back, I found a blue jay feather in the yard, and I thought it was so pretty, so I saved it. I thought I could frame it, and it would look really nice, and a nice natural addition to our walls. I found a white picture frame on sale today, and I thought it would look neat if I distressed it a bit, so after a little work, here's what I came up with (the blue of the feather is much more vivid than in this picture). I like it.


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