Sunday, August 26, 2007

Little bitty vampires

So last night, there was a mosquito in our bedroom. I got two bites on my back, one on my pinky, and one on my wrist. By the time my alarm went off (I had to work this weekend), I had the sheet pulled up over my ears, hoping that it wouldn't bite me on the face. Ken didn't get a single bite. Go figure! A trip out to the garden after work netted a total of 5 bites. I truly hate these insects. Do they have ANY redeeming qualities?

These lyrics make me laugh (from Bowling For Soup's "Self-Centered"):

I'm gonna feel sorry for myself
I want to blame it on everyone else
I want to be self-centered
And make everybody feel sorry for me

I think we all know someone like that--the perpetual victim. "It's not me! It's you! And you! And you, and you, and you..." How many yous do you need before you figure out it might actually be YOU? Sheesh.

Finding those lyrics made me think about something Cousin Shane and I wrote about a while ago--how easy it is to find song lyrics now. I can remember listening to albums--yes, albums--over and over, trying to figure out lyrics. It was always a cool bonus when the liner notes came with lyrics! For some reason, we always wanted to know the lyrics. You know, I can remember actual magazines at the store that contained song lyrics! I don't recall ever spending my money on them, but we'd always look at them when we were at the store. It's so much easier now--just Google the title.

I haven't seen the movie for years, but "Jumping Jack Flash" would seem kind of silly now, wouldn't it? Whoopie Goldberg listening to the Stones' song over and over, trying to figure out Mick's mush-mouthed singing. Just Google it, Whoopie!

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