Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday for you, Tuesday for me

I work every other weekend, so I have days off during the week, but it results in some weird schedules compared to those who work Monday through Friday. So when most people are thinking TGIF, I'm thinking "Urgh, three more days!" But it is what it is.

A bright spot in my day was seeing a bluebird tonight! I know we have a few around here, but you really don't see them all that often. I think they keep to the edges of the yard. But this guy was up in a tree, then flew down to the ground to grab a worm. They're so pretty, and their blue is so vivid.

Another bright spot was checking the garden. I was talking with my friend Jillian at work, and she said that around this time, she starts to lose interest in the garden...I know exactly what she means! I just haven't been into it as much this year, maybe because we were gone for two weeks, and the lack of rain in July really messed up the growing schedule. But several things are looking good now. The tomato plants are out of control, and I need to tie them up again. I'll go out and pick some beans on my day off, and I think I'll get a nice mess of 'em. Unfortunately, the weeds are out of control, too, and I think I wave the white flag for this year. We'll put cardboard down on the bed again this year, but we've GOT to do something about the walkways. Those are some potent weeds, because they grow through mesh and they grow through wood chips. I think we'll make some concrete pavers and put them down, and maybe THAT will do the trick. Jeez!

Another nice thing tonight...I've mentioned my love of a good turn of phrase, as in Cake's song "Short Skirt Long Jacket," especially the line "with fingernails that shine like justice." I'm loving the book I'm reading right now, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. A professor's search for Dracula, who he believes is undead and well, and how he inadvertently passes the search on to his daughter...oh, it's excellent, and SO well-written and so entertaining. I read a line tonight that really struck me. I rarely write in books, but sometimes there's a line that I just love, so I mark it with a little arrow and write the page number at the back of the book. Here's the line:

"That sound of bells floating across the water made my heart turn over;  it seemed to me exactly one of those messages from the past that cry out to be read, even if one cannot be sure of what they say."



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