Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let the big dog eat

I read today that it looks like Michael Vick will do 1-5 years. He admitted to assisting in the killing of some of the dogs. This whole thing just makes me sick, and I'm glad--yes, GLAD, I tell you!--that he's going to do time for it.

Since we're on the subject of football--can you tell I'm getting excited for the season?--the Colts play a preseason game tonight, and supposedly the starters will play through the third quarter. Sweeeet. I'm reading that the defense is faster and seems to be more confident. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Joseph Addai will do. I was pretty sad to lose Edgerrin James, but Addai made me feel better about it. Ha! Could be interesting!

Also, a while back I mentioned Jimmie Clausen, the kid who is supposed to be the Second Coming at Notre Dame. I wrote that he got off to a bad start here (with a very ostentatious press conference), and turns out he got into a little more trouble this summer. He was driving the car on a B-double-E-double-R-U-N, beer run, and of course, he isn't of legal age. Granted, he's a college kid, and we all did some pretty stupid things in college. However, it is illegal for someone under 21 to be driving a car in which you are transporting booze, and he's also not just any college kid: he's a Notre Dame quarterback, subject to intense scrutiny, and also intense criticism. Well, the kid finally gave a press conference! It's understandable that they were keeping him under wraps for a while, but it was time to end the silence. I think he handled himself pretty well, and tried to explain that he's really a pretty quiet guy, not all flashy and junk like he initially came across. It was good to see him, and see him handle some questions. Get ready, Jimmy, you'll be facing lots more. I honestly hope he does well. I feel kind of bad for him that he got off to a bad start, and there's been a lot of hype that he'll be pressured to live up to. I really hope he's good. People are practically foaming at the mouth around here for an ND national championship. We all know it's not going to happen this year, but we're all expecting Coach Weis and the team to eventually deliver.

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