Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Little French pancakes

Warning: Some will find this offensive, in very poor taste, and not very funny. This may fall into the You-Had-To-Be-There category. It's also a very bad drawing. You've been warned.

Today at work, we were talking about a new cafe opening in the area, a little bakery place that sells crepes. I believe my coworkers said it was called The Crepery, or something like that. For whatever reason, I started singing "Crepe me..." to the tune of Nirvana's "Rape Me." My buddy Greg laughed and said, "If I ever open a bakery, I'm going to call it The Crepist." I swear, if I'd been drinking anything, it would've come out my nose. When I recovered, I said, "Yeah, you'd be behind the counter wearing a hoodie..." Greg said, "And sunglasses...." I think I laughed about that for a solid five minutes, and I'm STILL laughing about it. Submitted for your approval...or probably not:

Told you it was bad, and it's bad on many levels. I never promised you a rose garden!

Perhaps some palate cleansing is in order. I just caught the last 15 minutes of Emeril Live. He made lemon icebox pie, and I'm going to have to get that recipe. Let me sing the praises of Emeril Lagasse for a moment. What I love about the guy is that he makes cooking fun. I got into cooking before I started watching Emeril, but when I did, he made me a little more fearless when it comes to whipping something up. If you know what spices and flavors and ingredients you like, you can figure out something. I usually work from some type of recipe, but I have no qualms about adding something or not putting something in, and it usually turns out okay. I also love that he makes great southern dishes, not just Cajun and Creole. My first inspiration is my Mom, who is one heckuva southern cook, which she learned from HER Mom, who was from Kentucky. To this day, I love that kind of cooking--nothing fancy, and I think we've all learned to lighten up a little on the butter and bacon fat! But it's still so good.

I think Emeril has inspired a lot of people to at least TRY to cook. I find it amazing and sad that so many people just don't cook at home any more. Not only do you save a lot of money, once you get into it, it's really fun. I'm impressed with Greg, mentioned earlier--he likes to cook and it sounds like he does a pretty good job of it. Excellent! I know of people that eat out pretty much every night, as well as most lunches. That's crazy! Not only can you make stuff at home that's better and better for you, you're going to save some major cash. I guess that's why I think Emeril is cool--he tries to show people that yes, you CAN do this. I'm amazed that some people are actually afraid to cook--all you have to do is follow a recipe! Although I suppose some things do call for a little common sense, and there are definitely people lacking in common sense.

When we were in New Orleans the first time, our honeymoon in 2002, we went to one of Emeril's restaurants there, NOLA. It was great--nice, upscale, but not overly frou-frou. It wasn't a cheap meal, but it wasn't horribly expensive. It was right in the French Quarter (I think it's on Royal Street, but don't quote me on that), and I had the best crab cake I've ever had in my life! I told Ken that in the future, when we go back to New York, I'd love to go to a taping of Emeril's show. I imagine it's hard to get that particular ticket, but it would sure be fun! How many of us do the Emeril "BAM!" at least once in a while when we're cooking? I know we do!

I think I'm off to the Food Network site to get that lemon icebox pie recipe, as well as some of the shrimp recipes he made last night. Shrimp Etouffeè, YUM!

B-52's Update

Got a picture from Shane--kinda dark, but it's Keith, Cindy, Kate, and Fred. He said it was a great show, and the new songs are a lot of fun. I believe he said it's coming out later this year (correct me if I'm wrong, Shane).


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