Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hail, Caesar

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that our cat, Sheeba, sometimes talks to us. Strangely enough, he has a slight Russian accent, and he sounds eerily similar to Ken.

Last evening, I noticed a caterpillar on the stairs down to the basement. When I went to get a tissue to scoop him up and destroy him, Sheeba was a little upset. He said, "Mom. Mom! Don't kill him! He's my friend"! I said, "I'm sorry, Sheeba, but I really need to." (Later, I felt bad, because I felt that maybe I should have put the caterpillar outside. But upon further reflection, I think it was a tent worm, and if you know what those are, you know it's not necessary to feel bad about killing one.) Sheeba said, "Mom! Please! Don't do it! He's my little friend...his name is Caesar!"

Well, I'm not sure where THAT came from, but I about died laughing, and I've been laughing about it all day. I guess I would have called him Fuzzy or something like that, but I had to admit that Caesar was an excellent name.


Okay, so it is officially a rebuilding year for Notre Dame. I think we all knew that, but it's been reinforced the past couple of weeks--with a sledgehammer. Already, the sharks are out for Charlie Weis's blood, but that's unfair. Give the guy time to build his program. Jimmy Clausen is the real deal, but he won't be able to do squat if his line doesn't protect him. This is not going to be a championship year, folks, and I think we'll be lucky if it's a winning season. But wait and see what will happen in the next couple of years. I could go on and on, but I don't have the energy at the moment. It should be enough to say that championships don't happen overnight.

The mosquitoes are even worse. Ken is not usually bothered by them, but tonight we chose to broil our salmon rather than grilling it, because he said he just couldn't stand to be out there any longer. He mowed the lawn today, and despite the DEET he put on, he still got multiple bites. A few minutes ago, I looked at the screen on the sliding glass door, and there were mosquitoes clustered all over it--I'll guess about 3 dozen. Gaaahh, I'm still feeling itchy! We closed the door most of the way, so I hope we can keep them at bay. C'mon bats, eat 'em up! This is why we love bats--they chow down on pests like mosquitoes BIG time. Bats good. Mosquitoes bad.

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