Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Step on a crack

The past few days, I've had a little "crick" in my back, like I slept weird one night. This morning at work, I was doing some instrument maintenance, and when I bent over to pull a bin off of a shelf, something really tweaked in my back. It actually took my breath away! For a while, every time I moved, it tweaked again, so I took four ibuprofen and it eventually calmed down. But for a while there, I was Robot Woman, moving very stiffly because I was afraid it was going to tweak again! As Ken's Mom put it in a letter the other day, "The golden years...what a crock!" She cracked us both up with that one. I'm not quite to the golden years yet, but the stupid back tweakage made me feel like they were breathing down my neck!

She also wrote about how some drunk driver plowed into their garage and bent the door all up (luckily, their truck wasn't damaged). The guy also ran into a concrete deer they had in the yard, and she said there were chunks of him (the deer, not the guy) everywhere. She wrote, "He died a gruesome death!" I don't know why that struck us both so funny, but we chuckled about that for a while.

No one at work is talking much about the ND game. We all know how bad it was, so there's not much need to rehash it. I think we all are matter-of-fact about it, like "Okay, Charlie. Okay, guys. Get to work. Fix it." Of course, we're very close to Michigan here, just a few miles from the state line, so we have quite a few Michigan fans at work, too. I haven't talked to any of them yet, but after the game, when a reporter asked a Notre Dame player how he felt, the player said, "I'm glad I'm not a Michigan player." Ouch! Of course, we play them in a couple of weeks, so they'll be loaded and ready for bear.

Colts and Saints this Thursday night! I'm off on Friday, so I might actually manage to stay up for the game. Obviously, I'm a Colts fan, so I'll be cheering for them. However, the Saints might be my other team to cheer for this year. I really like Reggie Bush--is he amazing, or what?--and I'd love to see him do well. And I think it would mean so much to New Orleans to have their Saints do well. But not against the Colts or Bears!


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