Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rodney, etc.

Hey, Rodney was fun! Ken and I agreed that it wasn't quite as good a show as last time we saw him, but it was still a good time. He sang several songs, and although I'm not a big fan of modern country music, the guy has got an amazing voice. One of my favorite songs had the line, "I think that thing just barked at me." I won't elaborate. He ended the show with a heartwarming rendition of his signature song, "Letter to my Penis." Always funny!

Today has been a very pleasant day--the weather is gorgeous!--and while Ken ran some errands (he's currently mowing the lawn), I puttered in the kitchen, got the bird feeders cleaned and filled, stuff like that. Now I'm sitting upstairs using the laptop--I love our network thing!--and watching the Notre Dame pregame show. I guess we're going to watch the game, although no one is anticipating that it will be pretty. As painful as it is, everyone just has to accept the fact that this is a rebuilding year, plain and simple. Yeah, Charlie made some mistakes, but he's not stupid, and he'll correct those mistakes, but it's not going to happen overnight. There was a great article in the paper today, an interview with Lou Holtz (who is a Legend in these parts). Lou talked about how he has confidence in this coach and this team. The article mentioned that in Lou's first season at South Carolina, they didn't win a single game. He ended up doing great things there as coach, and while ND fans and alumni aren't known for their patience, that is what is called for here. Are we going to stop cheering for the Irish? Hell no! We love 'em, and we just have to understand that this is going to be a rough year.

On the pregame show, they're talking to Regis Philbin now. I honestly don't know of a bigger Notre Dame fan. He's crazy and goofy, but I love the guy!

Hey, what's for supper?! Tonight we're having Porterhouse steaks, grilled to perfection by my wonderful husband, baked potatoes, a nice salad, and oven-toasted bread with roasted garlic. This is a perfect day for grilling, especially because the main grilling season is winding down. We're hoping to use the grill a little more often this winter, though, as long as the weather isn't too crazy cold. I know a lot of people grill all year round, but when it's 5°, I think that's just silly.

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