Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In case you don't think I'm geeky enough

Ahh, two days off! I'm as happy as a little girl.

I believe I may have mentioned my love of "Star Trek" at some point, but I haven't written at length about it. We got all three seasons on DVD (thanks Ken and kidlets, for seasons two and three!), and we've been watching an average of an episode per night. We're almost finished with season two. It's scary how many of them I remember. The title will come on, and I'll say, "Oh, I think that's the one where..." and I'm usually right. I have my favorite ("The City on the Edge of Forever," where they have to go back to 1930's Earth to save McCoy), but I just love 'em all. It's surprising how well they hold up--sure, there's plenty o' cheese, but the stories are pretty darn good science fiction. We do get a kick out of the pointy bras, though! And the poor Red Shirts--dead men walkin'!

It was really fun to watch "Space Seed," the episode that introduces us to Khan ("Khaaaaaaan!"), from my favorite Star Trek movie. My buddy Greg had never seen that one, so he enjoyed it, too. It does seem that there was a little foreshadowing in the episode, but that's probably just reading too much into it.

We have so much fun watching it together (Ken is a Star Trek geek, too, but I'll freely admit that I'm probably a little more of one than he is...perhaps it's my Star Trek lunchbox that makes me feel that way.), especially when we actually remember lines, or get to say things like, "I'm a doctor, not an elevator!" And while I always liked Chekov, my favorite is still Spock. Sometimes I actually find myself saying something like, "It only seems logical." I manage to leave off the "Captain." The original series will always be my favorite--it was already long in syndication when I was in high school, and there were a few of us that watched it every day after we got home from school. It's also amazing how many people love Star Trek, people that you wouldn't necessarily think would be into it. Our technical supervisor at work loves the show...I found out that another manager loved it, someone I never would have expected it from.

It's something that has had amazing staying power, and is pretty much ingrained in our culture. What I love about it is not just the storylines, but that it also gets people to think of the possibilities of the future. I think many of us take it for granted that space travel is not just possible, but likely, as well as finding a way for many diverse beings to actually get along. I honestly think Star Trek has had something to do with that. Not a bad legacy for a TV show.

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