Monday, September 10, 2007

A horror story

I don't mean to dwell on the mosquito problem around here, but I'm not kidding, I have NEVER seen it this bad. After my errands this morning, I had to put on bug spray before I could carry in the groceries, because they were swarming around the car! Once I had bug spray on, I ventured out to the garden (I'm glad I did, because I was able to pick a few tomatoes and peppers), but it was just crazy. Even though I had DEET on me, they were swarming around my head, and it is just the most awful feeling! I managed to escape any bites then, but after I took my shower, I got two bites just sitting there in our dining room.

I told Ken that I could seriously write a short story about this plague of Biblical proportions. Call it "Bloodsucking Freaks of Nature" or something like that (although I think there IS a movie called "Bloodsucking Freaks"). I honestly think that if someone wanted to torture me, I would be driven mad--MAD, I tell you!--to be stuck in a room full of mosquitoes. I think I'm starting to have auditory hallucinations in the night, because I think I can hear that Godawful mosquito whine.

It's official: I'm ready for our first freeze, so it will kill off these monsters. I loves me my summertime, but this is just insane!

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