Monday, September 17, 2007

Testing, testing, sibilance, sibilance

I've been reading about how to embed video on here (thanks Joe at Magic Smoke!). It works, it works! This is one of my favorites, titled "Don't F With Keith Richards." I like how he goes right back to playing.

Later that day....

The Emmy awards were last night ("The Sopranos" won best drama, even though it's no longer on the air. Yes!), and apparently one of the big deals of the night was that Sally Field was censored during her acceptance speech. I watched her speech, and after a rambling speech, she said, "If the world were ruled by women, there would BE no goddam war!"

Now, I like Sally Field. I think she's a fine actress, and I'm happy she's being treated for her osteoporosis. However, that remark offends me. The language doesn't offend me, but the stupidity of it does. What? She thinks women are superior because they don't fight? Has she ever seen a catfight between a couple of women? I'm tellin' you, it's not pleasant, and they are vicious. I've known some pretty nasty broads in my time. So what's the plan here (and why wasn't I informed)? Are we going to take over the world and take away men's right to vote, so they can't return to positions of power? Are we going to lock them in cages so that we can keep them under control until we need a little, you And wasn't there a "Star Trek" episode about that?

That's the kind of idiotic remark that just makes me crazy. Believe me, men don't have the market cornered on anger and aggressiveness. It's a human trait, one that is shared between all of us. How we act upon that anger is a personal choice. But don't be spouting this crap about how women wouldn't wage war if they were in power. It also doesn't take into account those rogue leaders--gender doesn't matter--that get a taste of power and want more. If our country were run by a woman, does that mean that we wouldn't fight back against an invasion? It's all just ludicrous, and it's stupid remarks like that that makes women look like a bunch of dim bulbs.

A little later

I am indeed having a Dandys-a-thon, going on even as I write. It's one thing to listen to them on the computer at work, but when they're comin' through the Bose 901's, it's a whole 'nother level. Dandys rock! And I think one of the new CD's I got rivals "13 Tales From Urban Bohemia," (2000) at least for me: "Welcome to the Monkey House." (2003) There are some great songs on there, and as I was listing my favorites, I realized it was most of the songs on the CD.

"We Used to be Friends" (complete with handclaps!)

"Plan A"

"The Dope (Wonderful You)" (great drum lead-in)

"(I Am A) Scientist" (my theme song!)

"I Am Over It"

"The Last High" (wonderful harmonies, very mellow and fun to sing along with)

"I Am Sound"

"Rock Bottom"

As I was listening to "Monkey House," I was working in the kitchen, and had to dance a bit to some of the songs. I also indulged in a little air-tambourine. Call me Lori Partridge! Good stuff!


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