Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I think they shop at the same store

Ol' Mahmoud is quite a big deal in the news lately. I'm so impressed with his fine sense of style, especially that casual jacket that makes him look like he's ready to go to a clambake:

As I was half-dozing last night, it occurred to me that it reminded me of someone else's jacket:

(Sorry the picture is so tiny.) That's right, Hank Kimball of "Green Acres." Sure, Mahmoud has nuclear weapons, he wants Israel destroyed, and believes that the Holocaust is nothing but a myth. I say his larger crime, a heinous one, is stealing the style of one of America's most beloved secondary sitcom characters! Next thing we know, he'll be sporting a leather jacket like The Fonz, or wearing the leisure suits and neck scarves of Mr. Roper. He must be stopped! By the way, all you homosexuals out there, don't go to Iran, because you won't fit in there. They don't have gays like we do here.

Speaking of nukes (this time the power-generating kind), Ken sent me an article today. Here's a snippet:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Power producer NRG Energy Inc. will submit the first application for a new nuclear reactor in the U.S. in nearly 30 years, the company's chief executive said Monday. Nuclear regulators expect Tuesday morning to receive NRG's application for two new units at its facility in Bay City,Texas, about 90 miles southwest of Houston.

Should be interesting! Being married to Ken, I've learned a lot about nuclear power, and everyone needs to get beyond Chernobyl and "The China Syndrome." (In the former, safety practices in place were ignored and overridden, which we do not do here. Oh, and the latter was a MOVIE!) I've gotten to read a lot of stuff about safety and security, and if we truly want to wean ourselves from petroleum--not to mention cut our greenhouse gases--we'll go forward with building more nuclear plants. France produces about 80% (I believe that's about right--if not exact, it's very close) of its power from nuclear plants, and all of Europe uses nuclear more than we do. The safety practices are astounding, much more than we are led to believe in the media. This certainly is a great time to be in the industry, because the demand for engineers and managers is going to go through the roof.

Okay, that's my propaganda for the day.

There have been 12 turkeys hanging out in the back yard since I got home. They come right up to the house, so it's funny to hear them--little chirps and clucks, and a few squawks here and there. No gobbling or drumming yet, so I think that must happen only when it's mating season, which is getting close. I'm sure we'll see some toms displaying before too long, something I never get tired of seeing. A lot of people think wild turkeys are ugly, and I'll admit that toms in mating mode are...well, startling! But they are also these beautiful shades of brown and gold and tan, all shimmery and iridescent. And when they spread those tail feathers, it's truly a sight to behold. I love our turkeys!

I'm watching the news, and wow, the Cubs are 3 games ahead! Unbelievable. Thank God the White Sox aren't in contention, because it's always been my feeling that a Cubs-White Sox World Series will be a sign of the coming Apocalypse. I guess we're safe for another year.


orangedoublezero said...

He's quite a guy.  And the reason they don't have gay people in Iran is because they shoot them!  Pretty sad, eh?

luvrte66 said...

VERY sad.