Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost there....


I'm glad this is almost over. I just can't handle the constant crying, especially when it's ME doing the crying! Actually, I did pretty well today, and kept it together most of the day. It was only at the end of the day, when I said good-bye to Pam and Mary (who are both off tomorrow) that I really lost it. I'm okay now, but wow, that was bad for a while.

I talked to the pathologist in charge of Micro today, Dr. K., and he said he'd like to meet with me tomorrow to talk about my perspective of the department. That's really nice (and he's such a nice guy), but I don't think it will take too long, because I said what I wanted to say to Diane (the VP). Oh, and good news! I think it was probably a combination of my discussion with Diane and my coworkers' being very vocal at this week's meeting (I was off that day) about how badly we need help...but we will be posting for a full time day shift MT position, a full time day shift support tech position, and a full time evening shift lab assistant. Yay! I sent an email to Diane telling her that everyone was so happy to hear that, and that "There was much rejoicing in Microbiology!" Thank God they listened. We've been working so hard to try to get things done, but you can only keep that up for so long, and people are just exhausted, physically and mentally.

No pictures today, although I have a few more people I need to try to get (Miss Aubrey....). I was too busy today, and didn't have time for pics. Tomorrow will be a little better, because Pam was nice and scheduled me as our "float" person. I'm sure I'll stay busy enough, plus a meeting with Dr. K., plus my manager wants to do my evaluation tomorrow...yikes! What a strange day tomorrow will be.

So Obama was here last night. I tried staying up to hear his speech, but he didn't take the stage until 10:30, and I conked out at...oh, probably 10:35! Nothing hugely different from his other campaign speeches, but our mayor endorsed him. (I don't much care for our mayor, so it's no never-mind to me.) Turns out that he spent the night here. Yep. The phone rang about 11:30, and he needed a place to crash, so I said, "C'mon over, we've got a spare bed. Oh, and if the cat tries to hump your leg, just kick him off the bed." <snort> Actually, he stayed at the Marriott downtown. In the morning, he stopped by a local diner and talked to a few people. How cool would that be, to be sitting there having your OJ and eggs over easy, and Obama walks in? I sure hope he comes back, because maybe it will work out that we get a chance to see him. Maybe we'd even get a chance to take my Mom and Dad.

It's a blustery day today, with rain and flood warnings. It's supposed to get cold again this weekend (a chance of the S-word), but warm up next week. The grass is already starting to green up, and I can see hints of green out in the marsh. Ahhhhh.


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queeniemart said...

if Obama came to our local diner and i saw him i would ask him about jobs, the war, and education. Then i would let the man eat.
I am so glad they'll hire some new people now at your job....with you gone that has to leave a huge void.