Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I can't see clearly now


Back from my eye exam. They dilated my pupils...oh man, I HATE that! First of all, those eye drops really sting, and it really bugs me when my eyes feel weird like that. (I'm essentially blind in my left eye, but my right eye is better. I have to be wearing my contacts or glasses in order to drive or to...well, function, so I'm really sensitive about my eyes.) Then, it makes me so sensitive to light that I feel like I'm part vampire--but I did manage to avoid spontaneous combustion. Finally, I got to drive around and walk into the store wearing those fabulously hip big plastic sunglasses they give you! I have my pride, but I also have a need to see where I'm walking, and since it's a beautiful sunny day, I couldn't open my eyes without wearing those things. When I got home, I stopped just inside the driveway to get the mail. As I was walking back to my car, one of our neighbors said "Hey!" to get my attention. I walked over, and this time I had to take the stupid glasses off. I couldn't stand there and talk to him wearing those glasses! He wanted to tell me that we should be careful about locking our garage doors, etc., because someone broke into his garage and stole about 7 grand worth of stuff. Oh no! He was pretty sick about it, but at least they didn't break into their house and harm anyone. I thanked him for the warning and said I was sorry that happened to them and headed in. When I looked at my eyes in the mirror, my pupils were almost as big as my irises! So there I was talking to the guy in the bright sunlight, with my pupils completely dilated. He probably thinks I was all drugged up on something! Ha! It's finally starting to wear off a bit, thank goodness. It almost makes me queasy.

I ordered my glasses. $680! AAAAGGGGHHHHHH! Insurance paid for part of that, so we got it down to a little over $400. Still outrageous. As Kimberley would say, great googly moogly! Well, as I've said, my eyes are really bad, and I think that makes the lenses cost even more. They used the lightest material they have, and that's pricey. I also got progressives, because I need a bit of a bifocal. I also got transition lenses, so I didn't have to buy a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. AND I got a Teflon coating that is supposed to cut down on glare, because my night vision is hazy. (And if I need to, I can fry an egg on them!) Add it all up, and I might as well walk around with an ounce of gold strapped to my head. These are going to last me a while, I can tell you that!

Candidate for Lasik, you ask? Ken and I were just talking about that the other day (his eyes aren't as bad as mine, but they're bad enough), and we agreed that we still don't know enough about the long term effects. Shortly after our talk, the news had a piece about possible stricter regulations on Lasik, and we heard a few horror stories. Actually, everyone I've ever known who had it was very pleased with it. I think I probably would be, too. But what happens 10 years down the road when our eyes change? That's what concerns me. At the very least, I hear that you usually have to have it again at some point. At the worst? Who really knows?

Like I said, I'm more than a little paranoid about my eyes and my vision. I'll keep wearing the glasses and contacts!



krmprm said...

I don't think there is anything more important than vision,
except maybe life itself.  I can't even imagine life without
it .  I have been accused of looking at the world through
rose colored glasses but I think that is an attitude.  I hope
your glasses work great,   sounds like they covered
all the bases.   Have a great day.  Pat

orangedoublezero said...

hi beth....

i hate going to eye doctor as much as most people hate going to the dentist.  i can't stand having my eyes messed with.  i was not happy when i had pinkeye and had to get treatment.  that dilated feeling is weird.  no sir, i don't care for it one bit!

too bad about your neighbor's break-in.  in yet another "beth and shane" cosmic moment, one of MY neighbors down the street had a break-in yesterday, too.  when i was home for lunch, police were swarming the area.  i talked to the neighbor and he said that the police were combing the neighborhood looking for the culprits.  i guess the neighborhood watch program is working because whoever called the police got a good description of the thieves!  i usually feel very safe in my area here, thankfully this is an isolated incident.  we don't hear of such things here too often.


madcobug said...

I hope your glasses work out ok for you. My advise on that surgery is don't get it until it is absolutely necessary. Helen

jimsulliv3 said...

If you try to operate on your glasses and fail, you can always get new glasses....


rdautumnsage said...

I think I was around 35 when I realized I couldn't see the giant clock across the room to my work area...Chalked it up to old age. I'm in serious need of a new prescription though. I'm nearsighted. Lately I have to either have my contacts in or glasses. I prefer the contacts. I've always been self conscious having to wear a hearing aid I didn't want to be seen with glasses as well. Now a days it doesn't matter.

I worry more now about my eyes than ever before, in essence they get more strained as they are my ears too. I have to be able to read the close captioning on the tv as well. Ugh..Yeah I'll be making an appointment soon. (Hugs) Indigo

queeniemart said...

I bet you will look great in those new glasses....i always hate when they blow that air into your eyes. The exam also seems to take forever. Sorry to hear about your neighbor being burgalarized.

buckoclown said...

Yup - Tiger Woods has had it twice so far.  I will continue to switch between contacts and glasses, we only have one set of peepers!

mpnaz58 said...

I had Lasik 7 years ago, and it was wonderful.  I say "was" because I was 42 a the time and due to my age, nothing was guaranteed (read: I was old[er]), the corneas don't flex as much...blah blah blah.  After wearing glasses since 3rd grade, contacts since soph year in high school...wearing no eye paraphenalia was heaven!  It started with readers for the close up stuff, then bi-focals 2 years ago, this year I had to go to tri-focals.  My eyes are no where near as bad as pre-Lasik, but they are getting progressively worse.  I agree, there isn't enough hard evidence on the long term.  I wonder how much of this has to do with us staring at computer screens all day!  My son's allergist told him that computer users blink 3 times less than the normal person not staring at a screen, and he has to use artificial tears to keep his eyes moist.  Glasses are pricey!
xoxo ~Myra

helmswondermom said...

I'm due for an eye exam.  I have always had better than 20/20 vision in both eyes, but as I get older I know that will probably change.  Hope your pupils are all back to normal now! lol  I had to laugh at you talking to your neighbor with your eyes like that.  And speaking of which, $7,000 worth of stuff??  Good grief!  That sounds like it was maybe someone who knows him and knew what he had in that garage!