Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rose Red resumed

We finished watching "Rose Red" a little bit ago, and yes, it really was quite good! I believe it aired in 2001, so we hadn't seen it since then. I'd say that it's stood the test of time, because it still holds up as a good, old-fashioned, scary ghost story.

I previously mentioned the usual elements: a group of friends (in this case, a group of psychics assembled by a researcher) gathers at a creepy old mansion to try and experience any psychic phenomena that might happen. The group ranges from the nerdy mama's boy who sees dead people to the compassionate Christian lady who is an "automatic writer" to the kind, handsome Englishman who can read minds.

Rose Red is actually the name of the mansion, and it's quite a house. It seems that it...grew...over the years, thanks to the mistress of the house and her servant, who decided that as long as Rose Red continued to build, they would survive. And they do...sort of. [Insert evil laughter here.] Rose Red is unique in many ways, including that it can change its plans and configuration in the blink of an eye, resulting in someone who is innocently and warily walking down a dark hallway turning around to see where they've been, only to find a wall behind them, where they had just walked.

Many former residents of the monster house make an appearance, in varying states of decay. Rose Red has been the cause of demise of several over the years, and this group of psychics is no exception. The big problem comes with the researcher who gathered them together...she knew exactly what she was doing and knew exactly what the house was capable of, and even when things start going terribly wrong, she continues in her pursuit of knowledge--not for the sake of knowledge, but in order to prove wrong those who have disrespected her. She's so horrid that you experience a bit of satisfaction when she meets her fate (I won't divulge it here).  

This really does have all the classic elements of a good scary movie, especially the hubris and nemesis of the researcher. Haven't these people ever watched scary movies? Ambitious scientists who ignore morals and ethics always get burned in the end! Dr. Frankenstein, the scientist in "The Fly," Herbert West and the evil professor in "Re-Animator," and on and on and on. If you're ever tempted to "ignore the laws of God and man," as many of these movies proclaim, just remember the fly-with-a-human-head stuck in the spider web screaming, "Help meeee!" That should put an end to your crazed ambitions!

Oh, and Stephen King continues to take a page from Hitchcock, by making an appearance as the pizza delivery guy in the movie. Always funny!


queeniemart said...

isn't there a home somewhere in the U.S. where long ago the owner kept adding and adding to the home until the day she died and it now sits unfinished and in shambles? I am sad i missed this movie.....i wanted to see it. I love King, he is my favorite.

eml625 said...

I LOVE King ! That movie was great, and after I saw it, I got the book and read it.....Stephen King is a great writer and I love his little bits in the movie too...nice touch.
Take Care

krmprm said...

I bet you like roller coasters, too!   Why do we like to
be scared?   I remembered watching "Rose Red"  a
few years ago.  Refreshed my memory.  Enjoy your
retirement.  Takes a bit of getting used to.    Pat

luvrte66 said...

Pat, I DO love rollercoasters! Ha!


rdautumnsage said...

I loved Rose Red. If memory serves me right, I believe Rose Red is based on an actual true life building; In the same sense of the hotel in the Shining was. I remember something about looking up the history of Rose Red. Stephen King loves to use elements of reality with the surreal. (Hugs) Indigo