Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did I really hear that?

While Ken was working out, I had on the Food Network. I wasn't paying real close attention, but something I heard during Robin Miller's show (she's not one of my favorites) caught my ear. She was eating something that she'd made, and this is what I heard: "Mmmm. There's a party in my mouth." ??? Has she never heard that old joke? How did the network higher-ups let that one get through? I can't help it, I've been chuckling about it all afternoon! It's that kind of thing that brings out my inner fifth grader.

So is everyone watching the debate from Philly between Obama and Clinton? It's on ABC at 8 PM. I didn't realize there was a debate tonight until I flipped from Food Network to CNN and they mentioned it. I'd say that considering the recent tone of things, it should be...interesting. I think Clinton's nasty tactics could be starting to backfire on her--the latest poll (sorry, I didn't notice which pollster it was, they were talking about it on CNN) seems to indicate that the majority of folks feel that she's not very trustworthy or honest. And the attempt to attack Obama for his allegedly "elitist" remarks has put the focus on working people who are struggling to survive, which is exactly what Obama was trying to do. And for Pete's sake, will someone slap a muzzle on Bill?! I don't know what he's thinking (although I have my suspicions), but he's diggin' her grave. He seems to be coming across as combative, belligerent, and at times, downright whiny. His latest is something about how people of a "certain age" (i.e., senior citizens) are too savvy to "fall for Obama." It's not playing well.

More later, I'm sure, but on to one of my favorite subjects: birds! I got the hummingbird feeder hung today (one of them, anyway), but haven't seen any yet. They've got to be making an appearance very soon. I've also seen an Eastern Phoebe and a Chipping Sparrow, both of which are summer birds. And I have not seen a Dark-Eyed Junco all day, and they're winter birds, so I think they've flown the coop. It's been a beautiful sunny day, up to 70°! But also very windy. It's great to have the windows open!




shrbrisc said...

lol girl I love you but this is one time I can't agree with you I think someone who loves and respects thier country is so much better than someone who is ashamed of it and I would vote for mccain before obama , but I respect your right to vote and campaign for who you chose ... sending you hugs Sherry

pchilcoat1 said...

I look forward to humming birds every year on my property since I planted the honeysuckle bush. wow what a draw for them.

P.S. Mac 1/ Paul Zero, so far in the new office. More on THAT tomorrow

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