Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As I gaze into my crystal ball...


I predict there will be a nap in my future today.

I got to bed around 12:30 this morning, which I think is pretty good considering my tendencies lately. I started waking up before Ken got up (I think he got up around 5:30) and couldn't really go back to sleep. Then I started thinking that if I did fall back into a deep sleep, I'd sleep too late to get ready for my 11 AM appointment! I didn't set my alarm, because seriously, who sets their alarm for an 11 AM appointment? Ha!

So by that time, it was a lost cause. I decided to get up and take a nap later if I feel the need. I'm actually quite wide awake now, so it was a good call to get up instead of laying there. Besides, I got to send Ken off to work with a hug and a kiss. Aww...they used to tease me at work, about how we're so cute it just makes 'em want to puke, or words to that effect.

Well, it's someone's birthday today! Happy 15th Birthday, World Wide Web! The folks over at Magic Smoke asked for entries about what has changed for us because of the Web. Neat idea, and you can check here to see the various links to everyone's entries.

For me, I'd have to say the biggest change has been information and research. I used to use reference books a lot, whether a dictionary or An Incomplete Education. I could still usually find what I was looking for, but the process was much longer and more time-consuming. I still use a reference book on occasion, but it doesn't happen often.

The amount of information at our fingertips never ceases to amaze me. Simple experiences such as reading a book are heightened by being able to read more about the author; we can increase our vocabulary by having a Word of the Day sent to us in an email; we can "visit" places like the Vatican Library and the Library of Congress. For those of us who remember browsing through the card catalog at the library, the Web is nothing short of a modern miracle.


fisherkristina said...

Oh, I love your answer!  Information and research was going to be one of my answers also!  I am a researching maniac!

Krissy :)  

cayasm said...

Yes reasearch is an important fact also the the tiniest thing that enters my brain I can look it up, and of course my jland friends that I have met over the last 18 months, however saying all that it's addictive.


rdautumnsage said...

I see a nap sometime today in your future too...I might try to make an entry on that...hmmm maybe not, I decided to be confused and moronic today (winks)...(Hugs) Indigo

kasee267 said...

Great answer,too,Beth...and thanks! for stopping by my entry.
If I wouldn't have gotten all 'wordy' in my own answer,lol, I'd have added something about research....but then, You have that one covered,very well!

(who knew?lol, that "Google it" would become a household saying?)

garnett109 said...

as you saw in my blog I did alot of research also lol!

jhorky said...

It is truly amazing what you learn over the internet and I believe that being 78 years of age it is amazing that I even self taught, (sort of)myself the computer, and then found out how much research you can do, as someone said with Google
Lucille4364  Love the Picture

queeniemart said...

my kids and i have laughed over the fact that i had a set of encyclopedias to use when i was growing up but all they had to do was sit in front of the PC and in seconds find out what they needed.

helmswondermom said...

It doesn't seem like it can only have been 15 years, does it?