Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A bun in the oven

Nope, not me! April Fool's!

But not for my pal Jillian who told us this afternoon that she and her husband are having a baby. Awww! I got all verklempt! I had a feeling, just because of a conversation we had a while back, and from some of the things she's been saying lately. I'm just so pleased for her and Neal! She is one of the nicest and most decent people I know, and I couldn't be happier for them. Here's to ya, Jillian and Neal!

I had a nice thing happen at the gas station, too. A guy at the nearby pump hollered over, "How do you like your Mustang?" I said, "Love it!" He came over and checked it out, and we had a nice little conversation about the redesign, etc. It's always fun to talk to a fellow Mustang enthusiast.

Then when I got home, Ken had gone out briefly today (he's working nights tomorrow, so is working from home today), and had gotten us some scratch-off lottery tickets. A fun treat for us, because we stopped doing that a while back. We just don't like the odds. Well, tonight, we managed a major windfall, a tidy profit of...TWO DOLLARS! Woohooo! Cha-ching! Actually, any time we come out ahead is fun.

The icing on the cake is that I've got a day off tomorrow! Ken will be sleeping part of the day, so in order to not disturb him, I'll run out to the store for a while and do a little shopping for some essentials, like the new B-52's and REM CD's. ;)


jimsulliv3 said...

I've never been asked how I like my mustang basically due to the fact I don't have one. Someone once asked "How does your garden grow" and I said, "I have no idea, go ask Ms. Muffet."


rdautumnsage said...

Ahh! We definitely think a like! I pulled that one on Doc, you should of seen his face...Priceless. More so because the guy takes me way too serious sometimes. The catch I've pulled the same thing on him 3 years in a row, you would think he would catch on by now. Great news for your friends though. At a soon to be 43, I'm highly doubt I'm going down that path again. Skye is here again sick ( a little more serious, I'm taking her to the drs. tomorrow) (Hugs) Indigo

rdautumnsage said...

Can I sound anymore idiotic (winks) blame the spelling and grammar errors on the fact, I'm still working on my computer and can't see what the hell I'm typing very well. (Hugs) Indy