Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'd like to teach the world to sing

Lisa left me a comment about my new little video camera, The Flip: "I can't wait to experience hearing you two speak and maybe even sing?! lol" I laughed a bit when I read that. Trust me, Lisa, you have no idea what sort of Pandora's box you could be opening with that request!

I should clarify. Ken actually has quite a nice singing voice. I'm a different story.  

I think I actually sound pretty good when I've got the stereo cranked in the car, or when I turn it up here at home and belt out a song or two. The key word here is "cranked," because in order for me to sound good, it's very important that the music actually obscure my voice. I can't explain it...it must be something to do with acoustics, or sound waves, or maybe it's the Doppler effect...but my voice sounds much better when I can only hear it in my head, and not hear any audible tones.

I can chalk this one up to genetics. It seems to run in my family. We all want to sing, and we all try to sing, but the sad truth is that not a one of us can. I remember when Ken and I were newly married, and we went to a family get-together for someone's birthday. We all started singing "Happy Birthday," and I'll never forget the look on Ken's face. We were all singing at not only different pitches, but at different tempos. I can only imagine what was going through Ken's mind as he listened to our caterwauling. (One of my brothers-in-law is an exception--he has a fine tenor voice. But he is part of our family by marriage, so there you go.)

So believe me, Lisa, and all of humanity, you do NOT want to hear me sing! Just my little contribution to world harmony.



buckoclown said...

No Comment :o)

madcobug said...

Sounds lke fun though. Helen

krmprm said...

I totally relate!   I am not a singer, either.  It takes all kinds
to make a world.  We are appreciators,  right?  Have a great day.  

mairefish said...

LOL  Your family COULD NOT be worse than my family.  And the funny thing is, my son and daughter have beautiful singing voices.  My son went to a high school for the performing arts because he can sing!!  Go figure... LOL  Have a good day, Beth!  Hugs, Val =) P.S.  I think it skips a generation.  LOL

queeniemart said...

i used to make these "Car Cab" video's and post them in my journal.....haven't done it in a long time....to me, i sound like some hilly billy hick...but others, especially Jlanders from England, go on and on about my "accent". So, i really would like to hear how you speak....it is interesting to others to add that part of what and who we are to the blogging experience. I love that word "catterwauling". lol      I KNOW you do not sound that bad!

rdautumnsage said...

I think this is the only time I've seen Ken on mute...( I got a chuckle on that one)...Doc actually does sing in a soulful, bluesy tone. (He does back-up vocals and a few of the songs in his band)...Me? He tells me I have a great voice...but not being able to hear it anymore, I'm not willing to risk trying. (Hugs) Indigo