Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ultimate fighting


Another gorgeous day at our home on the range! Ken slept late in preparation for his night shift tonight--MAYBE the last one for this refueling outage!--and I got up around 10 AM. For some reason, I was wide awake from about 3-5 AM, with a racing mind. Don't you hate it when that happens? I finally dozed off again, but got up to let Ken get some good sleeping time. Sheeba kept trying to get into the bedroom, but Ken said that Sheeba's frantic scratching on the door didn't bother him too much. I could NOT get Sheeba to leave it alone! Crazy cat.

I did a mile on the treadmill this morning! Woohooo! I definitely got my heart rate up, and I worked up a sweat. I just need to stay motivated and keep it up. As soon as we start converting the old garage into a workout area, we're planning on getting a weight machine. That's what I really want to do, although I know that cardio is just as important. I loved weight training in college, and I'd like to get back into it now that I have the time to do it. I don't want to be Crazy Muscle Woman, but I'd love to get a little definition, y'know? Ken got his workout in by doing outside work, and it was another nice day, so I got to sit out on the deck and soak up some more sun. I think I'm starting to get a little color on my arms!

Reader Mary left a comment about my entry concerning Bill Clinton and his possible health problems. A couple of emails later, and it seems that she's got me pegged. Reader Jimmy also left a comment wondering if Bill's behavior can be blamed solely on post-surgery consequences. I really do think that there might be something wrong, but they both called me out on it--am I getting too predictable?--and I have to admit that I don't totally believe it's medical complications. I was trying to be nice, you guys! I was trying to cut Bill a break!

Tell 'em how you really feel, Beth! Okay. Full disclosure.  Read at your own discretion, because you might not like what I have to say. I think there was definitely a sense of entitlement there on the part of the Clinton camp, and now they're getting quite angry that the nomination hasn't been handed to them. From Hillary fighting tooth and nail (I can't totally blame her for IS politics...more in a moment), to James Carville calling Bill Richardson a "Judas," to Bill's hissy fits directed at the seems like they're just throwing a big ol' temper tantrum that they aren't being crowned right now!  Chelsea seems to be the only one maintaining any kind of class and decorum here.

I've seen it happen in real life, too. I've had someone spread all kinds of nasty rumors about me in the past, and someone recently did their best to bait both me and Ken into a ridiculous squabble. They espoused extremely negative views of us, and generally tried to create as much mayhem as possible, no matter how damaging to all involved--including those who were completely innocent in all of it. The end result was...well, pretty much nothing. All that venom and nothing to show for it. They conceded--a surprisingly smart move--and realized that it was foolish to try to continue such a futile endeavor. I understand the inclination to fight, but at some point, you have to consider the collateral damage and have the intelligence to realize when YOU are the problem.

And okay, politics is a dirty business. I get it. The Clintons are doing whatever they can to win, and while I understand that, I think that this is now starting to damage the Democratic party. I'm speaking as a registered Republican who is considering voting for a Democrat but who still has reservations...but as someone who can be considered a relatively open-minded individual and who is trying to look at all aspects of the campaign, I see McCain gaining in the polls with every day that goes by. The infighting and backbiting is getting worse in the Dem camp, and McCain is sitting back and watching it all happen. Bottom line: Hillary's only chance to win is if the superdelegates go her way. She is behind in pledged delegates, popular vote, and states won. The superdelegates seem to be breaking for Obama, and let me just say it plain as day--if the superdelegates override the popular vote and the pledged delegate vote, the Democratic party will suffer a deadly blow and alienate all those young and new voters the Obama and Clinton campaigns have worked so hard to recruit and motivate. Howard Dean and the DNC will not let that happen. Yeah, dirty politics work. But at what price?


slapinions said...

I want to post on this later, but haven't ironed out all my points, so sorry if this rambles.

I agree, having the Superdelegates decide the nomination would alienate the Obama crowd. .  BUT did you see the statistical breakdown in PA? Divided cleanly by white/black, rural/urban, rich/poor. The Democrats are already divided, and they don't have a boogeyman to attack in November anymore. If Obama can't win the big states in the primary, maybe he's not capable of it in November either, 'alienating' the party be danged.


buckoclown said...

I believe that when Obama wins the emocratic nomination, then the party will re-unite and support him, with those who voted for she who must not be named, voting for the most part for their fellow democrate.  I am currently reading Obama's first book, and I really like his background and that he trully had it tough coming up as an organizer in Chicago.  Still not sure if I can bring myself to vote in November for a democrat, but I am seriously considering it if it is Obama.

frankandmary said...

Dirty politics works to a point, but when the tide starts to turn on your arrogant bluffs, best to turn with it or you will piss off your own also.  I ALWAYS found Hillary aloof stilted & artificial, except when she fake cried, then she was worse. BUT Bill(even though I felt all thru his run/presidency he was a pathological liar, no remorse at all, unless it screwed HIM) was seen as this "inspires others with his extraordinary eloquence in speaking" type of guy.  That eloquence took a perm vaca when he was slapped with the reality that you really can't do exactly what you want, lie about it while back patting the disenfrancised(& everyone else) & get away with it. He seems VERY pissed that they won't be kingqueen for an extended period of time.

queeniemart said...

Glad you had a good day with gorgeous part of the world will be sunny and 80 degrees today. Hard to believe when it was snowing not too long ago.

aimer said...

I have always respected Hillary Clinton until this campaign. I am so dispappointed in the way she has chosen to conduct her campaign. It breaks my heart to see a strong woman become the negative stereotype so often ascribed to strong women. As for Bill, I respectd hi as well and I quite frankly don't know what's wrong with him. Maybe he's had a stroke!--Sheria