Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Missed you, Dave!

One of the neat things about not working is that I get to stay up later! I won't be doing that 5 AM nonsense again anytime soon, but last night was the night Ken had to stay up late in order to sleep late today in order to work tonight. Still with me? He stayed up until 4 AM watching a movie, but I went to bed at 1:30. I laid on the couch and read a magazine, and we watched Letterman. It was fun to stay up and watch Dave again! Sometimes it's the little things. Obviously, we won't be staying up like this on the usual work nights, but it's such a treat for me to be able to stay up instead of crashing at 9:30 or so. Over the years, I think I adapted fairly well to getting up at around 5 AM, but it's clear to me that it's not my nature to get up at that ungodly time of morning.

We both slept much better, too, because we turned on the fan, and the sound blocked out the usual outside sounds. I love those sounds, but not when I'm trying to sleep! Ken is up now, and in the process of waking up. Ken loves his coffee, and when I saw this old commercial on Boingboing, via a site called Retro Thing (I'm going to have to spend some time checking it out--it looks intriguing.), I thought of him. It's actually kind of a creepy commercial, and I think this husband has some control issues, as well as a tendency towards bullying. Jerk. I think someone would probably be getting a lapful of hot coffee right about the time I heard, "The girls at the office make better coffee on a hot plate!" Oh...really?




buckoclown said...

Very funny clip :o)
Now, first, I would never talk like that to my bride, but if anything could set me off, it would be bad coffee.  Second, how funny that Instant Folgers was once considered "good" coffee.  As Sheeba says, "nasty dry crap," well, in this case is that "nasty freeze dried crap".  Over the years, I have become something of a coffee snob, having lived in San Francisco, and having my own coffee shop in central California for about a year.  So, I loves me beans, and Beth is a champ for grinding them.  Funny thing is she loves the smell, but does not like coffee.  Go figure!

orangedoublezero said...

that must run in the family.  i LOVE the smell of coffee beans, too, but the taste is not something i'm crazy about, although i do drink an occasional cup of cream and sugar with a spoonful of coffee in it!  ;)  the retro commercial was great!  i just love how corny those old commercials were.  times have sure changed!

shrbrisc said...

omg I don't make coffee hubby does first up makes coffee and I am never the first up we have came a long way baby , now if only all the other woman realized that .

rdautumnsage said...

I'm so not a morning person...I do however try to get up with Doc in the morning. We have a silent agreement, we say good morning, give one another a kiss and then...nothing is said or done until the first cup of coffee. There have been those moments Doc forgets the golden rule and starts complaining about something before I'm fully awake...I don't need to say much other than he probably wished he had somewhere to hide when I was done with him. I'm lovable, just not before that first cup of coffee. (Hugs) Indigo