Friday, April 18, 2008

Miss me?

Dateline: Fairborn, Ohio

We had a great time with our friends Karen and Doug at dinner tonight! Isn't it fun when you haven't seen someone for months, but you get together and just talk and talk? It was a lot of fun, and they're such a nice couple. We sat at our table for hours, but our waiter was such a nice young man and was very helpful. (He was nicely thanked, believe me!) I haven't talked so much in ages, and I've almost lost my voice! Ken just mouthed a quiet "Thank you!" Hardy-har-har. :)

We'll pick up the kids tomorrow morning, and spend some time at the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB. Should be interesting. My ex-husband was in the Air Force, so I got to see some pretty cool stuff then. I flew on a KC-135 refueling tanker, and got to lay in the bay and see them refuel a jet. Awesome!

Then we'll head home and see what kind of damage Sheeba has done in our absence. Yikes!

And by the way, although it might rain a bit tomorrow, today was unbelievably gorgeous! Sunny and warm, and it was fun to take a road trip. Amazing to see how much farther along the blossoms and "greening" is here than back at home. What a difference a couple hundred miles can make!


krmprm said...

You were missed!   Glad your road trip was so much fun.  Nice to see old friends and catch up.  It has rained a little here all day.  I can just see my crab grass
grow.  The other not  so much so it just looks clumpy.   Oh, well, at least its
green.  My grandsons would love the Air Force Museum.  Maybe we can see it sometime.  My step grandsons (twins) have been in Iraq and one goes again in June.  One  came out of the Air Force and joined the Army.  Nice young men.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Will be looking for details.  Be safe.   Pat

queeniemart said...

Fairborn is 15 min from me. LOL I get tickled that you were so close by. Glad you got to see friends and enjoy them.