Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ain't nothing but a love thang

Hey, I hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day! The big winner at our house was the birds--Ken bought them two new feeders! (The squirrels finally destroyed the one we'd had for a while.) He got me a beautiful card, a red rose (despite his recent entry about certified roses--but like he said, it was just one), and some candy hearts (a little joke for us, based on a Bob & Tom Show piece called "Candy Heart Wisdom). It was all very sweet, and I'm very happy with my Valentine, every single day!

We're having a little bit of a special dinner tonight. A couple of T-bones, a couple of potatoes the size of Nerfballs (okay, maybe not quite THAT big), and some blue cheese dressing for our salads. Oh, and a 2003 Cabernet. Blue cheese dressing is one of our treats for ourselves--even when I get the "light" kind, it still has a lot more fat than the dressings we usually eat. Jillian and I were talking today about how much we love our blue cheese dressing, and when you get it at a restaurant, it's not the light kind...full fat, baby! And oh man, is it ever good. That's why it's a rare treat for us, and I'm looking forward to having some tonight!

Work was a tad bit better today--only a half an hour of overtime instead of an hour and a half. See how sneaky they are? You work yourself into a whimpering little ball o' goo, and then when you don't work quite as hard, you think, "Hey, that wasn't so bad!" It's psychological torture, I tell you! Nah, today was a good day, and even though I was there a little longer than normal, I didn't feel quite as stressed as I have the past few days. It really was kind of a relief.

I got an email from my sister, and she said that yep, Steve was in Beirut and then Rwanda. She said we have ships everywhere in the world, within striking or helping distance of all locations, and we probably won't really know where Steve is at for much of the time. His wife has a MySpace page where she posts pictures of Hunter, so hopefully Steve is able to check it once in a while. <sigh>

Perhaps more later, but right now I need to finish filling out the termination forms to turn into my manager. Let's get this ball rollin'!


rdautumnsage said...

Doc and I exchanged letters. We tell each other every day we love each other. We have this thing were we make the sign for love in sign language and touch each others hands with it. We do it before either of us go out the door, before we sleep at night. So we tell each other we love you all the time....but there is something special of having it written down on a page to hold close. We each have small chest filled with notes to one another from different occasions-reasons. I'm well known for slipping a note in his guitar case when he goes off to gigs, like he did  tonight.

Sounds like the birds are celebrating today. Did you know one of the celebrations of Valentines Day is the birds select mates around this time of the year....(Hugs) Wishing you love today and every day dear friend. Love Ya Indigo

luvrte66 said...

That is wonderful, Indigo. As you have mentioned in the past, it's the everyday expressions that solidify a relationship. I put a little note in Ken's lunch every day!

I had no idea about the birds...what a great thing to know!

A very happy day to you and Doc, Indy. You're a peach.


buckoclown said...

Wonderful traditions for Indigo and Doc.  Beth and I tell each other every morning and before bed each night that we love each other.  For the first three years, I saved all of the daily notes, but when I relocated to the plant, I finally disposed of them.  I always smile when I open my lunch and get my note.

Love to all, and express your love each day.  :o)

queeniemart said...

sounds like you and Ken made your holiday a super special one, good for you! I have never even tried blue cheese dressing.

hugs, lisa

buckoclown said...


You must try some of that moldy salad dressing.  It is the best. :o)