Monday, February 4, 2008

The Super Bowl MVP

One of the things that makes me happy is that Eli Manning got the MVP award. While there's a case to be made for Justin Tuck (Notre Dame alum--he played great!) and David Tyree (who made what was probably the game-saving catch), I think Eli deserved it for stepping up and being a leader. He took a lot of abuse over the season from Giants fans, but he showed 'em all. From everything I've heard and read, he's also a genuinely decent guy. (It seems to run in the family.) Here's what was on AOL Sports:

Earlier in the week, Manning joked about being forced to play "permanent center," while middle brother Peyton was the quarterback and older brother Cooper played receiver in all those backyard games at the Manning home in New Orleans.

"I guess this means I've stepped up," Eli said. "Maybe I can be a receiver now."

"Better than that," Peyton said outside the Giants locker room. "I guess I'll have to let him throw a few now." Peyton Manning was seen in a luxury box jumping up and pumping both fists when Burress, who didn't practice all week because of injuries, caught the winning score.

Too often, [Eli] Manning has played the game like it was a burden instead of a birthright. But as he headed into the night, he did so as only the second quarterback in Super Bowl history to throw two fourth-quarter touchdowns in a winning effort. The other guy to do it? Joe Montana.

But he'd already impressed the one guy he most wanted to.

"I guess we almost wore my dad out," Manning said. "He kept saying, 'Do you have to make things tough, everything in the last minute, just to keep it entertaining?'

A wide smile creased the kids' lips.

"Well," Eli said, "that was entertaining all right."

Way to go, Eli!

I also loved the shots of Peyton up in the box. He was cheering like crazy, and I suspect he's as happy for his little brother as he was for the Colts to win it last year. These guys are not glamorous by any means--they're extremely laid back (at least when they're not on the field), and since they're both married, you don't hear any talk about their latest girlfriends, and who and who might not be pregnant. It's kind of refreshing to see nice guys finish first, and in a big way!

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