Friday, February 22, 2008

Battery low

Criminy, I don't know what my deal is, but I just feel wiped! I'm not sick, and while I could stand to get more sleep, it's not like I'm staying up until two in the morning. I think it's just the recent stress at work. There's just a lot of work to do, and it's unnerving to feel like you just can't get it done. One of my coworkers has broken out in hives because of the stress, poor thing. I'm not sure if I can explain it well, but I'll try. I can usually handle a pretty high workload, and I can organize well, but if I get overtime, that means it's quite busy. That means a day of concentrating really hard, focusing all your energy on prioritizing your tasks, and our work isn't a matter of pushing a button and getting a result...we have to work through the appropriate way to handle a culture, we have to correlate all the results and make sure that the antibiotic susceptibility results make sense for the organism, we have to remember which clients want which antibiotics, all the while keeping in mind that we are dealing with patient care and it is our ethical duty to give them quality care. It all adds up to a bona fide brain drain.

Whew! I'm plum tuckered just thinking about it! Well, two more days, and then I have a day off. I hope I'll be a little more motivated than I was on my day off this week! And you might have noticed my little countdown clock to the left. Yahoooo!

So did everyone watch the debate last night? I'm thinking probably not. Some of us were talking about it at work, and my cousin (who also works there) said, "There was a debate last night?" Ha ha! It sounded like I was the only one there who watched it. Ken and I thought it was fairly even--no one made a major stumble, but no one scored any major points, either (which I guess makes Obama the winner, since he's the front runner). I'm also thinking that Clinton needs to drop the plagiarism junk, because she got booed for her "change you can xerox" comment. I don't think people are buying it. Speaking of xeroxing, we have printed out Obama's detailed plan from his web site, and I'll look over it when I have time. It's almost 60 pages, so I think the "all talk no substance" line doesn't really hold up.

The New York Times is catching plenty of flak for their McCain story. I'm afraid it's just too vague,and seems to be criticism without corroboration. Until they produce someone who actually saw something, or any kind of proof, it's a non-issue for me.

It looks like my new can opener is here, so I'm going to go check that out. I was planning on having leftovers tonight, so I don't have any cans to open, darn it! Hmm, maybe I can open the other end of a can from the recycling bin....

Have a great weekend, everyone! More tomorrow.


buckoclown said...

Yup, a long week.  Glad that for me the weekend is here.  Hope your weekend at work is not to crazy.  :o)

ziggy2315 said...

No wonder you feel wiped. Your job is very stressful and the time lines, the focus, the total concentration would certainly be very draining, even if you do not realize it at the time. If I were a patient, I think I would be happy to know that a dedicated professional like you was helping to give me quality health care. The unsung heroes in the background that few realize are there.

I heard someone on The Daily Show today with a comment about these primaries/caucuses giving people a chance to vote for a black president who offered them change. However, come the time of the actual election in November, they may decide in the polling booth that they only change they really wanted was a 73 year old Republican. I suspect, as others do, that there may be some truth in that

mpnaz58 said...

I get really tired sometimes too...I'm sure we all handle stress differently.  For some, the added pressures of family, health, finances...well, its enough to stress anyone out.  I ususally break out in a hive, usually just 1 on my face, usually around my lip (like they know, ha!), but lately, I've noticed some redness right inside my lips...its so irritating, and it stings!  I'm thinking its stress.  
Isn't that the pits, not being able to use your brand, spanking new gadget...
Get some rest :)
xoxo ~Myra

rdautumnsage said...

The count down counter will make it all worth it in the end hon. Whenever you get overwhelmed visualize the count down, guarantee a smile at the very least. Sorry things have been so stressful at work, with the weather being dreadfull added in.

I had to chuckles at the thought of opening a can from the recycling bin. Guess you are a gadget gal, can't wait to test it out. (winks) (Hugs) Indigo

queeniemart said...

no, i didn't watch the debate. I have not watched any of them yet. McCain was in my city 2 days ago...he went to Young's Dairy in Xenia, Ohio and stopped and had a banana milkshake and then spoke. It was a snow day for local schools so many kids went. It made big news here. Hillary MAY come to my city and if she does, i am SO there. Bill came here many yrs ago and i could not get within a mile of him then.
I hope work is not so stressful today, if you work. I can not imagine how much of your brain you must use and then keep on even when you are so tired. You do important work!
hugs, lisa

frankandmary said...

I listened to parts of the debate, later, on the radio. I don't own a Tv & that suits me :-). I think it is pretty telling when the MAJOR thing they have on Obama is his copy cating a friend who told him to do so.  I actually heard someone say that Obama has an underlying feminine air ???????????  I don't catch that in him at all, but then I've never seen the feminine air about Hill either, so :-0. ~Mary